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The following is a piece of writing submitted by JerseyGirl3030 on December 22, 2009
"Just something that came to my head. It's a first draft."


Near the meadow’s edge by a very large boulder, was the back of a statuesque form. The sun was setting and the sky seemed to be reflecting the gold in his hair. He ran a thick rough hand through his sun kissed locks and turned slightly. The smile on his face grew with his full turn toward her. She began her steps forward to reach him. Immediately he wrapped his python arms around her petite frame squeezing her as if he hadn’t seen her in ages. A gentle kiss on her forehead accompanied the tickle of his stubble.
He released her slightly allowing her to go to his side with his arm around her shoulders. The two stared at the construction happening in front of them. She smiled at the way the sun beamed through the white gazebo. It was going to be just as she had imagined it to be. She looked up at him, meeting his gaze. His hand slid off her shoulders, and grabbed hers. He took a few steps towards the path before she reached up and stopped him. She bent down and removed her sandals. She grinned at him and they continued their walk. While walking they discussed everything except the next day. Night was falling quickly on their walk and people would soon be looking for them.
At the edge of the creek bed laid a blanket and a basket. He escorted her down toward it and the two sat looking out over the creek as it began to reflect the nearly set sun. Out of the basket he produced a bottle of Champagne and two glasses. Gently he popped the cork and poured glasses without saying a word. They shared an intense longing in each other’s eyes holding their glasses up to clink them. He leaned in and brushed his lips against hers. Pulling back, he raised his glass, “To new beginnings.” She smiled as their glasses clinked.
After the champagne had completed the two laid on their backs watching the stars come out. His arm nestled under her neck. It wouldn’t be long before a nosey relative would find them. The next day was to be filled with festivities and celebration.
“Do you think it will be like we dreamed it would be?” She turned to her side, leaning her head on her elbow to look at him.
He remained on his back, putting his arms behind his head, “I imagine not.”
“Will it get easier with time?”
“I imagine not.”
“Are we doing the right thing?”
He was quiet for a while. He closed his eyes, “I doubt it.” He opened his eyes and turned his head toward her. He took her face in his calloused hand. At first he held her cheek, then ran his hand up and down her cheek and stroked it gently, “Do we have a choice?”
She lowered her eyes savoring the feel of his touch, “I imagine not.”
He raised her chin, “It will not last for long.”
“It might as well be eternity.”
He leaned in and brushed her lips with his, “Eternity is ours. This is just a lifetime.”
A tear slid down her face. She reached up and placed her hand over his on her cheek. He kissed her forehead before pulling her into him. They lay by the creek on the blanket until the sleep set in. Soon the convulsions set in. Their hold on each other faded and the two allowed their bodies to wriggle and spasm while foam escaped their lips. Their hearts stopped within seconds of each other.

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