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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Lyz on January 18, 2010

Wonder of A Winter Night

Stress widdled away at me,
Until I was left as a ball,
A basket or raw neves,
Frazzled frizz left alone.

Caught up in my own thought,
Begrugingly taking out the wastes of life...
I feel the soft pitter patter.
Wetness starts to cling,
To my nose...
Sweet to my lips.
I turn up my head.

They dance to their own song.
They make a soft,
Barely audiable sound.
A slight crunch,
As they swiftly settle into their new beds,
Positioned on the cool ground.
Some land on my eyelashes.
They stay there and then disappear,
Their only sign a burning coolness.

My mind is cleared...
I settle into my own cold,
I stare as these wonders.
Peacefulness overwhelms me now.
The Creator's Breath whispers around me.
The frizz is slowly unwound.
I think of Godly things.
Sheer awe encases me.
I'm a young child again.
They cling to spicy pine boughs and they coat my hair.
Tomorrow will be another day,
But for now,
These little bits of hope are all that matter.
All is well.

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