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The following is a piece of writing submitted by gabe on December 29, 2009
"a story started in earnest."

A day in the life of a child

Poor Xavier, he was lost in the woods! After falling off his bike (trying to be evil kenevil) and gashing open his knee, he sat on a tree stump won-
dering what to do. He sighed deeply, he was going to be in deep trouble
when he got home. His father Alan told him not to ride his bike without his helmet, but he didn't listen. It wasn't that Xavier was a bad child he
didn't feel he had a need for it. He was twelve years old and for six years
he's ridden on bikes. He never like riding with a helmet, so whenever his parents weren't around he rode like a rebel. He was on his way to his friend Steven's house. Steven was one smart cookie. If anybody was to rule the world, Xavier knew who would run it and he wanted to be there
when he ran it. But that wasn't his concern right now. How could he get home and have his knee looked at and keep his parents out of this. His parents were the firm kind, you know the ones. They'll ground you for looking at them the wrong way. They believed in the belt, the switch, and the occasional hand when the first two couldn't be found.
But he wasn't complaining. His parents made time for him. His dad was an engineer working for the military and his mom a doctor. Still, they found time for him and his three brothers! His parents were the neighborhood babysitters and they treated the kids fair and made them get along. But, don't get on their bad side! They seemed like different people whenever they were dealing out punishment. The cut was bleeding a lot. His mom taught him the basics of wound be Continued!

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