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The following is a piece of writing submitted by gabe on December 29, 2009
"The names and places have been changed to protect others' privacy. This is a true story"

A lesson learned

Hi Peter, I'm sorry i didn't call you on Saturday. I really wanted to talk to you. I have learned a lesson. i don't know exactly what it is but I've learned it. Let me sister Becky, wanted me to walk over to my other sister's house with her. So I did. My other sister only lives like half a football field away from us. One of my big brothers are named Manny, he drives a semi and he was gone. Becky went over to his semi and checked if he was inside, he wasn't. Then she got the idea, why not start up his semi and watch movies on the dvd player in his semi. I thought, cool idea! So we entered his semi and looked how you might turn it on, but we couldn't find any way to turn it on. So I told Becky why don't you just get the dvd player and grab a movie. She started to unplug the dvd player, I took out the movie that was in there, but she decided not to take a movie. So we got out of Manny's semi and came back home.

Well, a day or two later we were celebrating my neice Kelly's birthday. She's moved out and lives in Vermont somewhere. Kelly was over for a little while. My brother Manny called me outside and asked me if i went into his semij. I told him I had. He asked why, I said me and Becky went in to get a movie but decided not to. He got upset. He asked me why did I go into his truck without his permission. I explained to him we wouldn't have stolen anything and I thought it
would be ok. He asked me did I think about if something turned up missing, who I thought would get the blame. I said, we would. Long story short. Don't go into other people's stuff!

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