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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Frank on February 16, 2010

A God Amoungst Snow

The only thing weird was I couldn't talk.
That being, the most obvious fact that I am a snowman. You be considered weird for reading on. This was not a magical accident, or chemical waste, neither was it a poor little girls wish. And I will not turn psycho and murder people as horror buffs would have.
I am simply a snowman.
I don't know how it came about or how its going to end up but right now I am not concerned. Just concerned over very simply things like staying away from heat and also staying away from society because, as you well know, they are not ready.
Its boring in the woods.
I wondered what would happen if I could see the world, maybe travel or watch TV. Just see something other then my sterile world of green and white.
What would people think of me?
Who would stop and stare?
Would I be a hero or a villan?
What would I even eat.
I don't even know How I came to be. Maybe, and maybe I say, this was a childs dream and wish (she would have to make it after a loved one died in a whiteout). But no matter I am( cue horror music) a GOD amoungt men.
Could I kill people? Its certainly something to think about...
My only problem is you will not believe me, dear reader, but in case of the chace that you do, I am leaving you my heart encased in this note.
Not speaking metaphorically here, actually my pumping, breathing heart.
Which will probably be mealted by now, but thats okay I can make a new one.

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