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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Lucy ParrĂ  on January 26, 2010

Bad Dream

I screamed. No one else could see him but me. He's coming closer, I thought. I was terrified.
please, people, stop staring and help me! A killer was charging right at me. He had a gun.
there I was, just a six year old, in the midst of the office of my mother. And my murderer
was coming right toward me. Momma would not care. She was working. And then he killed me.
Just like that. Boom! He wrenched me out of my seat and did it. Now I am watching Momma
and Papa from heaven. They miss me so much. If only I never went to Bring Your Child To
Work Day. And then I sat up in my bed. I was alive. Awake. Nothing but a horrible terrible

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