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The following is a piece of writing submitted by snapper on April 22, 2008
"Something like this happen in real like and that made me get an idea that i can turn it into fiction .
If it seem little off this my first thing i posted.


without normal bus driver

Sara day start like any other day going to school, hang out with friends, and an errand. She did them really fast because she new on the way home she would have the bus driver that she made friends with. She walks down a street with trees, flowers and a really tidy part of town. She felt like she walking 7 miles. When she got to the first bus stop she looked at some old, broke 1970 computer. Then the bus came and took off like it was racing in car race. She looked out the window the whole way. She saw a lot of kids coming home from school and kids and kids playing in the park. Sara got off walk to the next bus stop. The bus stop is in a run down old and dirty part of town. There were a few bus went and she felt like she was spinning a lot. Then her bus came and when she did not see the normal bus driver she thought she got on the wrong bus. She got so mix up. When the bus got near the end of the line the bus driver said, " Where that taping noise coming from."

Sara says, "I think it this one"

After the break and they were driving up the street she bump into someone she knew. Sara and old women talked and then both of them got off the bus. Then later around 7:42 she was waiting for a bus and thought maybe the bus driver was out for little bit but will be on now.
When the bus came the normal bus operator was not there. The long bus ride home she thought maybe she will on tomorrow.
When Sara got home before going to bed, she made a wish that her friend would be driving the bus tomorrow.
The end

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