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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Elizabeth on February 11, 2010

Sibling Rivalry

We were absolutely identical. Same sparkling blue eyes, same silky brown hair, even the same laugh--spilling out like a river, growing more and more until there was only silence and red faces.
Only I wasn't laughing now. Ever since my twin sister Hailey and I were in diapers, we always were in some kind of competition with each other. And she always seemed to win. Starting with her walking and talking two and half weeks before I did (both times!) carrying through block-building, school grades, even on our softball team...Hailey always seemed to have the upper hand.
And now she was going after Lucas Johnson. Lucas, the boy that made me actually want to go to school each day. A first class hottie, he could have been a movie star. Good thing (for me) he was stuck in this hick town, far, far away from the glamorous Hollywood lights and the fast-paced action of Los Angeles. Though my luck seemed to end there, because as I turned the corner of my school's hallway I saw Hailey, standing there talking to Lucas. She looked at me and smiled, then quickly looked away, back at him.
How dare she! She knew I had been crushing on him for the past year! She knew that I liked him! She knew all of that, why in the world was she talking to him?
Seething, I started to walk away, thinking "Carly. She's your twin sister. Let her have him. You have more important things to worry about."
That's when I heard that laugh. That bubbling laugh that I heard so often, seeing as it matched my own. I turned back around and saw Hailey giggling at something Lucas had said, looking back at me.
I snapped. Losing all self-control I charged at Hailey, running full force at her, down the middle of the hallway. Hailey's face turned white as she cried, "Carly, what are you--" But it was too late, and I pushed her to the ground, pulling at her hair, grunting like a cavewoman.
Mr. Thompson, our PE teacher and softball coach pulled me off of her. "Carly!" He yelled. "What has gotten into you?"
I glared, looking at him, then at Hailey, and I felt my face soften and turn red as she looked sadly at me. She knew. And I felt even worse as I heard her say, "Carly...I was talking to him for you. I was helping you both out...he wanted to know more about you."

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