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The following is a piece of writing submitted by gabemay on December 31, 2015
"It's been a long time since I posted on here but I am glad to be back on."

Life is a Funny Thing

We live in a society saturated by social media and processed foods and preservatives.
Where our legacy has resulted to carbon footprints and status updates.
Where literature is taken for granted and ultra liberals fight with ultra conservatives.
We live in a time where war wages unnoticed and genocide is blind to the masses,
While media covers naked celebrities and bigots blame nations for natural disasters.
We live in a world of increasing deforestation couples with the rapid expanse of demoralization
Where masculinity is under attack and women still suffer from unequal pay.
Where political correctness trumps truth and don't you dare say that one word else in a bad light you'll be seen.
You're either this.
Or you're that.
But no in-between.
Where the right of expression is scorned upon when you disagree.
We live in a time of uncontrollable overpopulation.
Where in a mere ten years the city of Houston is expected to double.
Now the think of the whole world and ask yourself if that might mean trouble.
We live in a time where gays are still murdered for loving who they love,
And where Muslims kill Christians
And Jews kill Muslims
And Christians kill Christians
Or should we just say humans kill humans?
We live in a time where racism is fueled by propaganda,
Where policeman are disregarded for risking their lives to protect us each day
And are instead tainted by one bad apple.
We live in a time where generations are divided and blame each other.
Where the doom of our planet is both warned about and ignored.
Where work ethic has lost itself to an hourly wage and people are lazy and stubborn.

But here's the thing.
Life is a funny thing.

Because in the darkest of nights and in the most still of silences,
Love penetrates hate and makes one remember to not take the gift of life for granted.
Because whether it be war waging or whether there be diplomatic peace.
Joy can be found and thus love will never cease.
Because nothing can stop the flow of life.
Be there apocalyptic chaos,
Or divine intervention...
Be there the fear of monsters that go bump in the night
Or constant death that never seems fair or right.
Be there murder or lies or economic recession,
Wedding bells will ring and holidays will be celebrated in their proper procession.
Mothers will coddle and rock their children to sleep.
Young love will blossom and tears of joy they will weep.

Because you see.
Life is a funny thing.

So next time you decide to count all your curses,
Why not turn your head around and count the reverses.
Because when you look down you may see that you're already on the other side,
For the grass is always greener when you're in your mind.
So relish the small things in life that bring joy.
And worry not. Just be.

Because life is a funny thing.

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