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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Maine Character on February 19, 2010
"This is a slightly older one from this year. Sorry 'bout the spelling errors."

Snowmen's Last Stand

The air was warm, and the snowmen were going down with a fight.

Snowmen lined up the field with snowballs ready, and catapults prepared.
They each held brooms and shovels, while the humans had normal human weapons such as rocket propelled grenades and fully automatic weapons. The humans had no idea what to think of what they saw before them.
A spectacle of a variety of snowmen lining up in front of them, not wanting to melt in the warm spring air. The cold had kept them alive so far, but now they had to disappear into the midst of time.
They wanted a death that would surely have an effect on the human’s day. This even would certainly effect them for the rest of their lives.
The humans had no idea what to think, and they stood there, nervous about what was about to come.
The sun beamed from high above, and the snowmen could not stand it any longer.
The first snowman leapt out in front of all the others, and let out a howl that made the humans wonder what it was that made it alive. Shaking it’s mop high above it’s head, it charged at the humans, with the rest of the snowman resistance not far behind.
The humans did the same, and immediately started to blast at them.
Many snowmen had their top cylinder explode with watery gore, and the humans fired their rocket propelled grenades at the mass of hundreds of charging snowmen.
Seeing kitchen appliances and carrots and of corse, lumps of snow fly through the air, the snowmen from behind tripped and fell into the craters that the mines had created.
Snipers took glee in watching the snowman heads explode at the touch of their triggers, and the advancing infantry took great pleasure in wiping out the giant advancing balls of snow.
Snowballs landed in some of the human’s faces, but it was when they packed dirt and ice in their flinging snowballs. The snowmen were fighting dirty. . .very dirty, but at least their low fighting techniques evened the fight ever so more.
From the snowmen’s perspective, explosions of white blinded their button eyes, and stick arms that flew through the air, haunted the snowmen to what was soon was going to be their graves.
Some of the snowmen in front, lobbed their stick limbs at the infantry with their last breath. . .or whatever it is that snowmen inhale to stay alive.
Within’ moments, the last of the snowmen were gone, and all that remained was a snowman rain that dripped from the sky. Especially after the air strike that the humans had ordered.
The last remaining snowmen struggled to crawl forward, but were soon still, and the humans that marched the battlefield saw only remains of coin buttons and scarves, and old hats.
It was a truly sad day for a snowman. It was hot, their numbers were few, and they had all died

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