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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Maine Character on February 20, 2010
"A few of my friends told me that I needed to write a superhero story, so this is it."

Superhero School

Since superheroes are all the rage nowadays, I figured that I would go to a super hero school.

Taking my long journey across the country, I wondered what superpowers I would discover in myself.

Finally managing to get to the metropolis of a school, I was greeted by a preppy girl my age.

"Can I help you?" She asked.

"Yes, I'm the new student here." I replied.

"Oh! That's great!" She said, turning.

Before my very eyes, I watched her speed into the front door faster than I could blink.

Intrigued, I pushed forward.

Going into the main lobby, I noticed a large, marble desk.

Walking to the desk, I filled out basic information of myself, and even had to fill out a questionare that took me about an hour to make out.

With my signature signing myself off, I was instructed to leave my luggage there, and walk down the hallway.

The hallway was black, with light green tiles that reminded me of the matrix.

Wondering what awaited me in the door at the end, I walked through it rather nervously.

Entering, I found myself in a much larger lobby filled with students of all kinds.

Some ran fast, others were super strong, others could multiply rapidly, and others could become invisible.

It was, as typical as a superhero school could get.

Asking around, I not only made a few friends in this vast room of people, but I discovered that a teacher was looking for me.

Making my way to his office after he found me, I noticed the girl who I met out front earlier with another cute girl who seemed to be interested in me.

Going into the office, I noticed that the main teacher had a strange obsession with zebras, and the teacher himself was a middle age man with brown hair and a comb-over.

His Coke-bottle glasses almost made me laugh, but regained control of myself.

Asking me what kind of things I was interested in, I told him that I enjoyed movies, writing, and trying new things.

"Trying new things ay? Well, we're sure to get along quite well if that's the case. You may call me Mr. Jaspers"

Shaking his hand, I wondered when I was going to get started.

Sending me to my first class, I saw a boy with two pocket protectors, button up shirt, clip on bow-tie, and big glasses.

Is this place ENTIRELY of nerds?! I wondered to myself.

I also saw another one who wore a gray tee-shirt, and jean shorts. He would joke in class and make the other kids snicker, but I was too far away to hear them.

The class was mostly about philosophy. Quite interesting stuff if you ask me.

Later at lunch, I was greeted by this nerd and joker kid at the table, when I was putting some mustard on my beef sandwich.

The one in the gray tee-shirt told me his name was Zebbie, and the weird geek kid told me he was the Purple Power.

They asked me what my super power was, and I told them that I was new here.

"Oh," Said the nerd, "I found my superpower on the first day." He laughed an almost painfull, high pitched grunting noise coming from his throat.

He showed me that he could create a blinding purple haze that was impossible to see through, and it seemed to seep from his skin.

I was a little grossed out, and knowing I would regret it, asked Zebbie what his power was.

"I have two powers." Said Zebbie.

Pulling his hands out of his pockets, he told us to stand up.

Grabbing my sandwich, I stood up, wondering if I would lose my seat over this.

Suddenly spewing fire out from his fingertips like a flamethrower, he ignited the table, and picked it up over his head, and flung it to the far end of the cafeteria.

The lunch lady came out with a tired look on her face, and put the fire out with an extinguisher, and mozied tiredly back into the kitchen.

Not sure what to do now, I was relieved to hear the bell ring, and I went on to my next class . . . Phys-ed.

While I was there, I was told to run as fast as I could.

Of coarse, as you would expect, I was soon outrun by the kids with super speed.

Tired, I leaned against the bench, and the cute girl from before came to me.

Instinctively trying to hold my breath in like the run was no big deal, I introduced myself.

She introduced herself as Alex. She had long, black hair, and the softest, kindest eyes.

She told me that she saw me run.

Thinking quickly, I told her that I was letting them win, and let out a nervous laugh.

She told me that I was sweating rather hard, and as I thought that that was a strange thing for a girl to point out, she blew on my skin.

Not sure what to think, I found the sensation rather nice, but soon I grew goosebumps and soon my sweat frosted over.

Looking at her, I said out loud, "Cool."

She giggled a little giggle, and walked away holding her hands together.

Looking around, I could tell that Zebbie was a little jealous, but I kept in my content, and walked slyly to the showers.

After that I was informed to go to the English class.

Asking me to write on the board, I agreed to spell out the week's words, and sat at the desk once again.

The teacher looked disappointed in me, and I soon became sad.

Realizing after class that I apparently didn't have a heightened intelect, I was hurt a little more, but that girl walked by me and I felt better again.

The last class of the day, I had to go to chemistry class.

This time the girl was in my class, and she sat close to me.

I was rather flattered that she would, but tried to hide my feelings because I didn't want to look too easy.

Inching her desk closer, and closer, the chemistry teacher told her to back off a little.

slightly upset, I watched helplessly as she slid her desk back with the dreaded snickering from the class. . . we were both embarrassed.

finally at the end of the class, she got a hold of me just before leaving the room, and I don't use the word, "hold" lightly.

Grabbing me around the waist, she inched closer for what I expected to be a kiss, she leaned back again and ran down the hallway after the little geeky kid.

Quite confused, I felt for my sunglasses, and found they were gone! Checking my pockets, I noticed that that girl just took my wallet too!

Before I could catch them, the halls became clumped up with people once again.

That is when I decided finally that superhero school wasn't for me.

Angry, I stormed my way down the flights of stairs, hoping that I would bump into her once again.

However, she would probably freeze me solid, and in this mad house of a school, nobody would notice or care.

Getting back into the main hallway, I demanded my luggage.

Giving my bags to me, I slammed the entrance door shut behind me, leaving a long crack in the glass.

Jumping aggressively into my car, I squealed off the premises, with no intent of returning.

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