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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Maine Character on February 21, 2010
"I always thought this growing up and watching such shows. . .You have to almost feel bad for them."

Avoid World Domination as a Future Goal

The worste job ever would have to be one of bad guys from Saturday morning cartoons, and here is my reason:

They spend weeks of planning, then, they put the effort into building whatever contraption that they need use for world domination, and then, (especially if it's a time bomb) some young hero will come barging in on your opperation, make puns torwards your messed up face, and then trick you into stalling your own opperation! All the while, this young hero stopps you with your own contraption, and then makes off, with you going to jail for the next month or so.

The next month, you go through these motions all over again, and end up in the same place: nowhere!!!

My friends I warn you that if you are to avoid a job, be it one of the bad guys from Saturday morning cartoons.

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