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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Maine Character on February 28, 2010
"Disclaimer: This one is kinda dark, so if you don't like dangerously dark stories, you shouldn't try this."

Survival of the Fittest

Peering from behind the debris, the cat knew that if it dashed for it, it would surely be seen.
This was a huge risk, especially the fact that if it didn't make it back, it's kittens would starve.
On the other hand, they would have the same fate if she didn't run.

A juicy burger was left unattended after a picnic, but if she was seen, somebody would chase her away.

Eying it carefully, she calculated that by the time she got to it, she would be too tired to make it back, but she had to get to it before the neighborhood dog g0t it. No, that wouldn't do at all.

Carefully sticking her scrawny neck out from behind the old, shattered fence, she led out a paw before her, and then, the other. Before she knew it, she had her entire body out, and she caught herself completely exposed.

This was the time to shine.

Dashing at it suddenly, she felt the skin rub against her tiny, bony frame, and the beautiful piece of met was gaining it's distance to her it seemed.

With her belly hungry, she had a sudden shiver run down her spine. Pricking her ears back, she looked behind her in a glance to see only a shadow pass over her head.

Ducking, she felt the cool breeze of something whisk against her fur, and that's when she saw it.

A raven, sprawling it's wings, had greater speed and energy.

Hunger driven, she burned her legs behind her with fury, and, just as shiny treat was just before her, the bird picked it with it's strong beak, and lifted it elegantly away from the grass before her.

Slowing down, the cat was out of breath, and watched helplessly as the raven shot itself away from the ground, and landed on a nearby tree branch.

To her heart's desperation, she attempted to get to the tree, and climb it before it was too late. . . she had forgotten that it was a raven.

Scoffing it down in an instant, the burger was gone, and before she could even make it to the tree, the bird flew away again into the woods.

What would she do for her kittens? How would she survive long enough to help them.

Feeling her heart ache with defeat, she mewed loudly in a most terrible sadness.

This turn of events may have just ended the lives of her and her kittens.

Feeling her stomach growl, the scent in the air of a long gone barbecue made her belly twist and howl as she did.

When it seemed to her that it couldn't possibly be any worse, she felt another shadow come near her.

Angry, she stood her ground, ready to leap, and kill the raven as it passed by again, but to her alarm, she turned, only in time to see that it was not the raven. . .It was a hawk, and she was the next meal.

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