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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Maine Character on March 31, 2010
"Personally, I hate Superman, so I wrote a story to express how I would take him down."

How Ana and Joe Killed Superman

Joe ran his finger around his coffee as Ana glared out the window with a scary giddiness in her face.
Joe had come to visit Ana, who were pen pals, and in their letters to each other, they schemed and fanaticized about all the ways one could kill Superman.
The reason? Joe and Ana believed that Superman was too invincible, and he never lost any fight. All who had tried to take him out spent half a million dollars trying to do so and in the end, failed. Most of the time, the villains would give a long speech on how Superman was doomed, when in doing so, Superman always got away. The two friends had learned from the mistakes of other villains, and they had to avoid everything that might give their plan away, it was too good of a plan to let anyone spoil it. It would most definitely work

Earlier that morning, Joe showed Ana what he was given earlier that morning: Lex Luthor had given him a piece of green kryptonite, and immediately afterwards, Joe pushed him over a high bridge to cut off the loose ends.
“There’s no sense in having Lex in the equation to mess things up.” Joe told Ana as he powdered the green crystal.
“What are you doing?!” Ana yelled, running over to stop him, but Joe put his hand up, and relayed his plan to Ana.
“Last night I was thinking, why put the time and effort into building a big contraption, if we can go simple?”
“What do you mean?” Ana asked, looking into the bowl as Joe ground the beautiful green kryptonite into a fine powder.
“You know that slushy place down the street near where Superman is going to visit today?”
“Sure.” said Ana, unsure of what he was getting to.
“If we grind this into a powder, and put the powder into one of those green, lime-flavored slushies, we could get Superman to drink it, and in a few hours, he will be finished.”
Ana jumped up and down, “Oh Joe what an awesome idea!”
Joe laughed, “I just need you to convince Superman to drink it. If you say too much, Superman will get suspicious, and not drink it. If you can convince him to drink it, then there are no variables for fast machines, or indestructible suits. All we need is for him to take a sip, and soon after, it will be done.

Three hours has passed, and Joe and Ana sat at the side of the road with the crowd gathering.
Superman was riding up the long stretch of road in a big convertible. He was giving autographs, and having pictures taken with him as he came along.
“Enjoy it while it lasts, Superman.” Ana said under her breath, with the eagerness building up.
Joe had ordered the green slush drink, and a red one for Ana, so that when Joe took her picture with superman, it would look less suspicious.
Mixing the green powder into the green slush drink, Ana laughed out loud partly in nervousness, and partly in excitement.
“I can’t believe we’re actually going to do this.” Joe sighed.
“Believe it.” said Ana, looking at the red car come into view with fans crammed all around it.
Joe took one last gulp of his coffee, and grabbed the green drink, and his camera, and soon later, Ana jumped up with him and they bolted out of the door screaming for Superman.
As the car round up closer and closer, Ana and Joe pushed through the crowd to get to the front,
Finally, they got next to the car, and Superman watched and laughed as the two came out with their slush drinks.
Ana’s heart skipped a beat, when Joe pushed her forward to have her picture taken with Superman.
Ana grabbed the green drink as well, and shoved it into Superman’s hand.
“Quick Superman, I want my picture of us drinking slush drinks!”
Superman smiled his smug grin as he put the straw into his mouth and sucked all of the slush drink in one gulp.
Ana and Joe thought to themselves that this was going way better than planned. It was half the effort that they expected. Joe was hoping for a sip, but Superman just downed the entire drink. They’re luck could not be any better!
Joe took his picture and Ana took Superman’s empty slush cup.
Looking over her shoulder, she caught a glimpse of Superman make almost nauseous movement, but quickly caught himself and waved on at the crowd.
Ana and Joe had done it! They had given Superman the green beverage, and now, Superman was going to die.
Unless he knew to pump his stomach now, he was sure to finished.
Joe put the camera on video and Ana and Joe smiled into the lens, beaming with pride.
“I’m Joe. . .” Joe started, and then Ana interrupted, “And I’m Ana!” They smiled with wide, wicked grins.
“And we just killed superman!” they said simultaneously Joe held up the empty cup in which Superman drank out of and Ana sipped at her cherry flavored drink with delight.
Together they described how they did it, and how they should be rewarded by villains all over for accomplishing the task that they frankly could not do.

Within a few hours, Superman fell off the side of the convertible, and landed with a thud on the pavement, tearing his cape on the car door as he fell.
The cheers soon turned to dead silence, and Ana and Joe pushed through the crowd, and stood by the hero’s side.
He was still, and would not move, regardless to what anybody could try to do to revive him.
Joe and Ana smiled with glee deep inside, but kept straight faces to keep up appearances. Joe took a couple of pictures to mount on his wall when he got home, and a video of it for Ana to post on youtube just so that the world could see that Superman had been slain.
The world grieved for the death of Superman. . . .that is, except for Joe and Ana.

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