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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Maine Character on March 31, 2010

Unlike Any Other Animal

March is an animal. It hungers for emotions, it hungers for love, and preys upon the souls of those of uncertainty.

It hates the hatred of life, and prospers only to be life giving. March is a creature all in it's own, and is unique in almost every way.

It brings life when it is in love, and when it cries, it washes the ground with it's tears.

It has fur of warmth, and breaths the fresh breath of new beginnings.

March has a heart that is big enough to engulf anyone swallows, and it teases the weather complainers with different kinds of weather every week.

It laughs, plays, and discovers with children, and plagues the adults with still, and calm thoughts.

March is a different kind of animal than anything else, and it can be replicated but only once a year.

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