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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Maine Character on April 4, 2010
"I tried to add moments from bad parts of my life into one, terrible day. "

A Day to Forget

Joey knew it was going to be a bad day when he turned over with great effort on his bed to notice the alarm clock didn't go off.

As if possessed by Richard Simmons, he leapt from his bed, and threw his clothes on, all the while cursing that he was a whole hour late.

He had an important meeting that he was supposed to be getting to in fifteen minutes, and it his job was at stake. He had to give a presentation to show his superiors just how much he knew.

Slipping his pants on, he heard the terrible, dreaded, 'rrriiiippp'! Looking down, he glared at his once nice, but now torn pants.

Quickly grabbing the duct tape, he taped it from the inside. It wasn't perfect, but it would do.

Throwing his shirt on, he realized that he now had only five minutes to get to the building. Depending on the traffic, it would almost be a ten minute ride!

Leaping into the car, he thrust his key into the ignition and drove off, leaving two, very well placed black marks.

Raging through the streets like a holy terror, he dangerously wove between traffic, and cutting off a semi to get to his exit, he heard the terrible, 'clink'!

Looking off to his right, he noticed that he had lost his passenger side mirror, and it had been brushed off by a road barrier.

He had no time to worry about that now though.

Racing like it was the Daytona 500, he managed miraculously to maneuver his car into the parking spot that seemed like an eternity from the front door.

Jumping from his car, he tried desperately to fix his greasy, bed hair, and tossed in a couple tic-tacs to make him feel better about himself.

Cutting people who waited to punch in, he logged in, and rushed up the stairs.

Now sweaty, he burst through the doors of the conference room. The looks on all their faces made at Joey's appearance made him want to die.

Joey looked around the room and was struck by a terrible realization:

He had left his presentation at home.

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