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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Maine Character on April 30, 2010
"I awoke from my sleep last night, and was so driven to write this. The words were so clear in my head, I had to put them down. I thought I would share this experience with you guys."

For You, Oh Lord

Standing in your glory, a thousand angels sing as your voice fills my head, and with your awesome voice, my eyes are brought to tears of joy.

Bathed by the downpour of your light, I fall to my knees at the awesome sight of you. Mortal man's heart would stop just at the sight of your beauty.

Being in your presence, I sing a song, but no words could describe your grace.

Lord, for you I would do anything, and you know all, including what I wouldn't do for your glory.

Truly you, as the song says, "an awesome God" and even the word 'awesome' can never describe your glory.

You bring my soul peace, and my heart love. My whole being bursts into worship, for you are the wonderful light, and you are my father and king.

I would stop at nothing to be with you, for you are an awesome God, ruler of everything.

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