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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Maine Character on May 3, 2010
"This is project that I did for a bible study. At first it was just another assignment, but I hope that you can see that I've written from the heart here."


I believe that Christ thought of me when he took punishment for the sins of the world, and I believe that he rose again to save me from my sins.

I belive that because of what Jesus did, God sees me in his eyes as a son, a prince. I believe that he loves me with more love than I can possibly imagine. I believe that God is a god of humor, love, grace, power, and wisdom.

Without God, I am nothing, and would be non existant because of his creation of the world.

I believe that Jesus Christ looks at me like a brother, even though he is my king, and that he, my king, has died in my place, a sinner whom was lost until I found him.

I believe that God has given me a choice, a free will, and that he has a plan for me and my life. He has a plan for my talents and has tests for me to overcome my weaknesses. 1 Thesolonians 1:12-24.

I believe that he and I are a team, and that he wants to use me for him, and I am willing to let him.

I believe that he is everywhere, not only outside of my head, but in it, and he helps block all of what I can't take. He is always with me, no matter if I am in the deepest, and darkest place, I can always count on him, and that no matter how many times I mess up, he saves me from my stupid mistakes.

I believe that God created the heavens, the earth, and me for a purpose, and I believe that Christ was born a virgin's birth, and that the Lord will return one day to bring the world to justice, and that he will reign forever and ever.

I believe that the Lord is patient, and passionate, and that he is THE example for love.

I beleive that my God is a perfect God, and he never changes.

I believe that he is judge of the heavens and the earth, and that he will reign forever.

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