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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Maine Character on May 3, 2010
"This post is a Grab Bag which uses the following words: naturalize, stumble, checkerboard, inalienable, frosted"

Ice Cream and Checkerboards

It all started when my leader, Commander Klix, sent me out onto a mission to naturalize what was supposed to be naturalized.

Beaming me down from the space ship, my green, slimy skin begins to crawl with the thickly scented air.

Looking on the sign, I see that I am in the middle of Central Park, New York.

Taking out my naturalizing gun, I see what is called a hot dog cart, and shoot it.

Immediatly, it turns into a tomato plant, and I go on my way.

I repeat the process on a car, a newspaper stand, and some blonde, skinny human woman who was gabbing relentlessly on her cell phone. . . .she turned into a deer, which was unfortunately hit by a truck. . .serves you right, deer.

Anyways, I go on my way, wearing an invisible suit, when I find two old males sitting across from each other as they stare at a table in between them covered in red and black squares. There are little round pieces of the same colors littering it.

Before zapping them, I decide to watch for a minute and see what they do to it.

Sitting behind a bush, a boy bumps into me, spilling his cream of frosted ice all over my rubbery purple suit.

I turn off my invisibility coat to appologize to the rather chubby little earth child.

I zap a passing bird, and turn it into a chocolate ice cream cone, and pat the child on the head, he smiles at me with a surprised look on his face, and runs off dropping a piece of paper on the ground.

I pick it up and read,

"The Declaration of Independance By Tommy Lovejoy"

Reading it through, I find a section on 'unalienable' rights.

Unsure of what it's supposed to mean, I put it in my pocket and look over to find that the two older male earth men are gone.

still covered with ice cream, I weasle my way to the table and sit, wondering why it casted such a glaring spell with the two older human men.

Looking at it closely, I find that it is still covered in pieces, and on the side it says, "Roberts"

"What is a Roberts I think, but looking behind me, I see that the two men are returning to stare at the strange table!"

Moving a piece, it does nothing but move at the whim of my fingers. Is it some kind of strange toy for older earth males?

Seeing that they are almost upon me, I turn on my invisibility coat, and still covered in ice cream, stumble into a bush to spy on them.

The two sit down with caffinated, brown liquid, and sip lightly at the hot mixture to find that the pieces have been moved!

"Ahh those darn kids!" one bellows in a raspy old voice.

The other one piped up. "And they left a green slimy liquid on my checkerboard too!"

Checkers! that's what it was. I had only read about the mind challenging game of checkers.

Checking my timer, I see that my mission was almost over, and that mother ship would pick me up in a few minutes.

So leaping out of the bushes to shoot the board, and turn it into a delicate tree, the two men leap back, and fall over grasping their chests, as if it were a defense mechanism or something.

Hopping back to the center of the park, I am whisked away into space thinking of my great adventure.

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