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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Maine Character on May 9, 2010

Moon-monsters and Me

"Captain Slater, you have been chosen by the U.S. Space service to lead a mission to the moon, and eliminate all hostiles." Said the commander, quite stern. He had buzzed hair, and wore a military dress suit, but carried the hat under his right arm when he spoke.

I stand there rigid as a military man can get. My crew is a select few I have chosen to go with me because of my trust in them to do their jobs.

Jackson was my engineer, he knew how to fix, repair, and build a space vessel inside and out.

Roberts, my co-pilot, was very good with math equations, so I thought he would come in handy.

Richardson, the veteran in just about every flight situation because he has saved many crashes. It was my perfect crew, even though others might not think it, I trusted them with my lives.

With barely as much as a few goodbyes, we are saluted as we enter the monstrous space craft.

Jackson is piloting the lift off sequence, and I am sitting in the co-pilot's chair.

Richardson and Roberts sit in the back seat silently as the countdown went down all too quickly.

Without so much more as some final words to our home planet, we lift off, feeling the G force pull us back all the way up.

Within a few seconds we are relieved of earthly things such as gravity, and an abundance of air.

Richardson remarks that he's leaving all of his favorite things behind such as his wife's cookies, and oxygen.

Nearing the moon, we arrive in our rather futuristic vessel.

Grabbing our Holliwoodized suits that look like some kind of elite commando gear, we rip the rifles from their holders as we open the door and make our way onto the surface, we have been there dozens of times before, but this time we weren't here for exploration.

We were here to tear up some alien butt.

Marching along the frontier of endless craters and grey, we admire the earth from where we are the same way as if we were on earth we would admire the moon.

I haven't looked at the moon in a long time while on earth because of my endless combat training.

An awkward silence surpasses us, when Robertsl kicks his foot out at the feel of something rubbing against it.

We all turn with guns drawn to see what it is, only to find that it is just a rock that tumbled as Hall stepped past it.

Jackson lines up behind me in single file with Richardson and Roberts behind.

When we turn in relief from the false alarm, I come face to face with an alien myself, practicably bumping into him!

Firing upon it, it growls horribly with it's thick, black skin, and long snarly teeth that jut out in every direction!

It swings all four of it's thick heavy arms in every direction, and is about fifteen feet tall.

Deflecting our blasts, it charges at us and flattens Richardson, who had his leg stuck in a moon puddle!

With his glass broken, he instantly is slain by the beast, and too my surprise it shoots some hot purple liquid from its fingers and it burns through our suits.

It is just a matter of time before Roberts' suit fails after being slobbered on, and he succumbs to the nightmarish death.

it shoots one of it's jagged teeth at me, and impales my suit, but somehow keeps the vacuum seal out of my body.

I feel my legs tremble rapidly as I fall flat over.

Jackson leaps upon it with agility and comes to find out that it doesn't like oxygen.

Putting his oxygen hose into it's mouth, it immediately explodes, leaving purple liquid all over Jackson, who falls.

I wonder what is going on, and then I decide that it is time to give it up.

As others hover above us, I grimly realize that I never got to say goodbye to my planet before I left.

Earth will not be saved, or not by me anyways.

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