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Airsoft Stories

by Maine Character

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a piece of a longer writing project. You can view the entire project here: Airsoft Stories

The following is a piece of writing submitted by Maine Character on August 30, 2010

Fields of Oblivion

Today I actually played in a field with very tall grass and the occasional shrub and bush. I took some grass from my surroundings and covered myself with them, for my ghillie suit is dark green and I was in a very tan looking field.

Sitting behind a bush, I hear some commotion not far away. I hear the dreaded sound of the Japanese-built P90 my arch nemesis, 'The Ghost' fires it and I soon hear a 'hit!' afterwards.

I flashback to how every week we kill each other the same amount of times and I've yet to even out the score.

Crouching there, I see the player, 'Doodies' run out of the denser brush. . .he has one life left after Ghost and 'Sandman' took him out. We all have three lives, and I had finally seen him rush out and hide behind a thick bush. . .little knowing that I was comfortably situated squarely behind him from about thirty feet away.

Bouncing and dashing between bushes behind him, he not only doesn't see me when he looks right at me, but he turns the other way, exposing himself more so in my direction.

I have the perfect opportunity, and I promptly take him out and duck immediately after I fire.

He lets out a yelp, and goes over to the stone wall to watch us finish the game. He still has no idea where I am.

Knowing now that he can't harm me anymore, I crouch my way further from the dark brush where I had seen Ghost, and I sit behind a taller bush and lay on my back, pointing my gun in the direction I know Ghost is in.

Just from the top of a small hill Sandman approaches Doodies casually, and I move my gun towards him with an outstretched arm, just in case he isn't out.

He stands maybe forty feet from me and his eyes grow big.

Trying to unstrap his rifle from his arm, he pulls off a shot that nearly misses me, and I finish him off with my fully automatic. He has one life left, and runs down over the hill.

I dash back towards the dense brush again, and depending entirely on my camouflage, Ghost runs out to see the commotion, he fires a few shots, and takes out Sandman. . .Sandman is now out. It is just Ghost and I now, and he has one life left. . .

I take my shots, cutting down blades of thick grass in front of him as he crouches in a sad attempt to stop my stinging. . .Ghost is out, and I have won. . .for now.

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