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Airsoft Stories

by Maine Character

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a piece of a longer writing project. You can view the entire project here: Airsoft Stories

The following is a piece of writing submitted by Maine Character on September 27, 2010
"These events are true and unaltered. "

Hidden Dangers

It all started when we had a V.I.P match going. A match in which two body guards with unlimited lives had to protect the V.I.P. with one life against us, whom only had two lives.

The match had begun and the two rather cocky players decided that they would protect the V.I.P. and muscled their ways along the thickest part of the field: The area covered in the most vegitation and trees.

The first guard came by, scouting the area and sweeping out all of my reinforcments, he took out more than half my team, forcing them to retreat to a safer distance. I on the other hand, mustered the courage to stay put, knowing that sooner or later they were going to cross my path.

With not much time passing I eventually found the first guard. He circled the entire area I was in to make sure that nobody was waiting for the V.I.P. to come along. He found a comfy little bush to sit in and sat quite confident that nobody was around. What he didn't know, was that he was sitting ten feet away from the point of my gun!

Glancing around, he motioned over the sniper and just when I thought it couldn't get anymore intense, the sniper came along and sat six feet away from me, firing at everybody behind me out in the open field and trying to cover the V.I.P. whom I knew was coming sooner or later.

I quietly pointed my gun at both the sniper and the first guard, but neither of them even suspected my presence. That's when I saw it:

The black hat and red t-shirt. My target was in view, but I would have to wait a little longer for him to get in front of me for a clearer shot. The sniper told him to make a dash for the next bush down the path way, he would have to get by me before he would get to that bush. But like a scorpion, I was poised to strike.

I hear gunfire from across the field, and the V.I.P. ducks down, and I throw a heavy sigh, wishing I could tell the others in the field to stop slowing the process of my kill.

That's when it happened. The V.I.P. finally stood and made a crazed dash past me. But I was waiting. Firing as he ran by, he ran directly into my line of fire, and put his hands up.

There was sudden silence, both from my teamates and the other two whom sat close to me. They still couldn't figure out where I was. That's when I stood up. The look on the sniper and other guard's face were clearly written with surprise. I had outdone them, I had won the round, and the two couldn't get over how they hadn't seen me.

Stepping out of the bushes with with a smile, I gave them high fives for their effort, and wandered into the field. My team couldn't find me neither the whole round, and lucky for them, I was wearing my ghillie suit, which saved me a life, and us the battle.

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