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The following is a piece of writing submitted by DianaNicole on February 22, 2010
"I'm at work, people are calling, they have no idea what they are talking about...this is my reaction to them....."

Irritated at Work Writing

The woman had no idea that she was about to die. She hung up the phone and went about her business. She had headphones on and couldn't hear anything else around her. Not that she would be listening if she didn't have the headphones on anyways.
The man was in his thirty's. His wife had been killed in a car accident three weeks ago, ever since that accident he had gone off the deep end and not been taking care of his five children. Well two of them weren't even his and that upset him even more. His wife left him with these five kids, two of which were from her first marriage to a drunk. Sad thing is he himself was turning into a drunk right now.
The woman was rich, she had a mustang out front and everything new you could possibly think of. He knew this would be the right house to pic pocket some items. What he didn't know though that someone was home.
He entered from the back door. Crash. He knocked somethings over, he was nervous, but he was pretty sure no one was home so he had nothing really to worry about.

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