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The following is a piece of writing submitted by chelsealeigh92 on March 7, 2010
"A past relationship with edited information. Some is fiction. Some is not. But, this is now."

This is Now

My heart skips a beat.
A past lover--
A past friend--
You walk on by .
We were once friends.
We were once lovers.
But that was then.

A tear starts to shed.
You see me--
You forget me--
Your once love.
Your once world.
You kiss her.
And this is now.

Arms wrap around me.
His arms.
My new friend.
He embraces me and
The moment is special
I kiss him.
And this is now.

Memories come about
The painful nights,
Dwelling in the past,
In the back of our minds.
Knowing what once was,
Such a short time ago.
But this is now.

You think of my smile,
Then you see hers.
I think of your laugh,
And hear his.
We see each other--
There is nothing.
This is now.

Regretting your infidelity,
Regretting my stubborn pride.
Past words that flew,
Causing your immense pain.
Breaking each others hearts.
Another tear is shed.
And this is now.

That is when it is realized.
Its not my tear, but yours.
I turn to my new beau,
We embrace.
You run off with her.
More indiscretions that you will make.
This is now.

Past lovers--
Past friends--
Current strangers.
Current mistakes being made.
I walk by.
Your heart skips a beat.
This is now. And I am well.

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