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The following is a piece of writing submitted by chelsealeigh92 on March 7, 2010
"Story of my Father and I"


When I was small, you left.
You left me for another family,
Another mother, another son
Another daughter, another life
And no one to take your place

Not one soccer game,
Nor one dance recital
Did you ever attend
I never seemed to realize you would never be there
I now see you always wanted to be over there with them

As I grew up I saw the other daddies
Taking care of their families, making sure they were alright
Always wishing that maybe you would do that for me
You have always been my father
You have never been my daddy

I hit the age of thirteen
You have been out of my life for years
Always wishing that you loved me
That for one day you would want to be my father
Maybe even my daddy.

The simple words, “I love you”
I have not heard in years
At least, not coming from your mouth
What happened to the everlasting “Fathers Love”
Why do I not deserve that love

I remember the day when you said
You would never leave me alone in the dark
But you left me there alone for years
You and mom created my life together
But you alone created all my trust issues

I am grown now
And I have my own thoughts and opinions
And I only wish you wanted to know them
I wish you would want to take the time to get to know me
After all, I am your daughter, your flesh and blood

Now at the age of sixteen
You want back in my life
You say you have always loved me
Right from the start and
That you have always wished me to be in your arms

You say that you missed me.
And I only wish I could believe you.
I am sorry, I no longer can.
I do not know you, my dearest father
I can not believe that you truly love me, for me.

You have hurt me in a way any other man can
How can I believe you when you say your sorry
Simple words only say so much, and those words you say are not quite enough
But where were you when I needed your love?
Your new family. Of course.

I grew up not knowing a father.
But now you wish to come back to me.
Why do you do this? Why when I am grown,
Do you wish to be my father? My daddy?
Why do you want to take the time now?

Over the past couple of weeks,
You had a glance at my intellect and my stamina
A small glance of who I have become.
But one thing I need to know,
How long with this last?

You left me to cry myself to sleep, many upon many nights
You left me questioning what I did so wrong as a young child.
You let me be raised single handedly by my mother
You left me in so much pain that it became hard to withstand
But yet, I still love you.

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