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fangs on my neck

by XxlillyxX

The following is a piece of writing submitted by XxlillyxX on March 20, 2010
"Mystery, Danger, Problems, but the most important Love

Discover this love story, Pyro, a vampire that though he has everything, meet Iriz in one cave, he was wounded but he fool Iriz making her gave him some of her blood to heal. He thought of her as a beautiful girl, so why don't play with her for a while.

Found out what will happen"

fangs on my neck (pt1)

Chapter 1
It was midnight, I was in the forest, trying to escape from my own past. The cold wind was blowing making my red hair, the stones of the ground were making cuts on my bare feet. Tears were falling from my blue eyes to the short black dress I was wearing. I stop on a big tree, trying to remember why I make such mistake. I didn't want to kill him, but I couldn't stop.

I still remember the knife in his skin, his blood in my hands, listening him telling me stop. I couldn't stop, but because of that now I'm hidding from everyone, I would never see my family again, I don't have a home, food, water, nothing.

I continue walking through the trees, my dress broke while I was walking there, now my dress was really short, and dirty. I sit down, but then I hear a thunder, I couldn't believe it, drops of water start falling from the grey sky, I start running trying to find a shelter, but it was useless, when my faith was about to dissapear I saw a small cave.

I didn't think it twise, I start running to the cave, I was all wet now, I enter there and start walking to the inside of the cave. I couldn't see anything, the stones were rough making my feet hurt, but then, at the end of the cave I saw a light, I start walking to the light, but when I reach I get pretty sorprise.

The light was from the moon and it enters to the cave from a hole that was in one side of the cave. but just in the floor light from the moonlight was a guy more or less of 21 years old. All pf him cloths were black, his skin was pale as the snow, his lips perfect, his hair black, his lips perfect, and his body, I don't have words to describe it, only perfect.

I sit down beside him, looking at him, he was sleeping calmly, so peacefull. I move one of my hands trying to touch his face, but his hand grab my wrist. I get pretty scared, he opened his eyes slowly, when I saw his eyes I egt hypnotise, his deep blue eyes were so perfect. He turn to look at me with a serious face.

"Who are you?" he mumble
"I... I am... I'm Iriz" I said

He smile, I didn't understand, he try to sit down, but he couldn't, I look at him, but then I focus in the part of his body he was touching, he was hurt, there was blood in his shirt. He was still grabing me, after some seconds he sit down and he turn to look at me. His smile was so beautiful, then he start talking to me.

"Iriz, would you help me?"
"Help you? how?"
"Just close you eyes and get closer"

I do what he said, I get a little closer to him, now I could see his would, it was really deep. I sit down again, but he grab me and sit me above him. I start geeting nervous, he touch my neck, and then he turn to look at me.

"Just close your eyes and enjoy it"
"What are you talking about"
"You'll see"

I didn't know why I was doing what he was telling me, but I just can't reject. I close my eyes as he said.

"What's your name?"
"My name is Pyro, now, relax"

Pyro put his hands around me, his touch was so cold, his pale skin was cold as ice, but at the same time warm as the sun. But then I feel something in my neck, something that feel good, like a kiss, but more deeper. And suddenly everything stop. I open my eyes again and I turn to see Pyro's wound, but there wasn't anything.

Then I turn to see Pyro he was smiling, I didn't understand what he made, I stand up fast looking at him. There were a pair of fangs in his mouth, and blood in his lips. I touch my neck, two small holes were on it, I start getting scared, I start walking away slowly, but Pyro stood up and in seconds appear beside me.

"Where are you going Iriz? Are you scared of the vampire?"
"Vampire..." I mumble

I turn and I start running away, but it was useless, he appear again infront of me, he was smirking, I start getting scared, a small laugh get out of his lips, he appear again beside me and he grabbed my waist.

"Why you want to leave Iriz? Didn't you like the kiss I gave to you?"
"You didn't kiss"
"Oh that's right"

His moves were so fast, he was again infront of me, he put his hand in my chin and suddenly he kiss me, his lips where so soft, I still don't have words to describe his kiss. He broke it and he again looked at me smiling, I was confuse, and suddenly I start feeling really sleepy, all I could remember was Pyro looking at me smiling...

(o.o.f time: 67: 43)

The following is a piece of writing submitted by XxlillyxX on March 21, 2010

fangs on my neck (pt2)

Chapter 2

I wake up in a black bed, the room was dark and gloomy, I sit down but I notice that I was wearing only my underware, I cover myself with the black blanquet, I turn to look everywhere, but I was completly alone. I stand up of the bed still covering myself, I was really confused, I didn't know where I was, neither what happened. I approached to a sofa that was there. Above it, was a black short and beautifull dress, also black shoes.

I dress up without thinking in it, when I finish I get out of the room, the house was enormous, more like a mansion, a dark mansion. I start walking through the halls searching for the exit. I found a huge door, I open it wishing it was the exit, but instead it ooks me to huge gardens, the gardens where full of roses, I start walking on the roads, but then some violin music catch my atention, I follow the melody searching for the one that was playing it.

At the end of the search I found him again, he was in the center of some roses, the moonlight iluminated him making him look even more perfect than he already was. He stop playing the music and he turn to look at me. When he lead his gaze to me, I couldn't breath, he smiled one more time to me.

"It seems that the dress fit you" he said putting his violin away
"Yes, thank you. Who are you?"
"I already told you, I'm Pyro"
"No, who are you reallly?"
"That's something you need to find out by your own"

He start walking to me, he stood just infront of me, I stop breathing for seconds, he touch me hair and then he start walking to the mansion. I wasn't staying there, it was gloomy and spooky, but after everything, it wasn't my home. I start walking toward him and I grab his shoulder.

"I need to return Pyro"
"Where? to the forest? you will die there"
"But I can't stay here"
"Why not?"
"Because.... because...."
"See, you don't have a reason, so you can stay"

He continue walking I couldn't say anything, I just saw him walking to the inside of the house. I stay there in the gardens for a few more time, the wind start blowing, so I went to sleep again.

The following is a piece of writing submitted by XxlillyxX on March 22, 2010

fangs on my neck (pt3)

Chapter 2 pt2

I was in the black bed trying to sleep, but it was useless, don't matter how hard I try it was useless. I shout trying calm myself because I was really angry I couldn't sleep, in that moment Pyro appear in the room really scared. I turn to look at him, he was wearing a black pants, and he was without any shirt, his perfect body was show one more time, I get hypnotise by him once more.

My breathing turn unconstantly, and my heart start beating faster. Pyro approached to the bed, and he turn to look at me still scared.

"What is it Iriz?" He said
"Nothing... I just can't sleep"
"Let me help you"

I get confuse, how could he help me to sleep. He cover himself with the blanquet and laid beside me. I start getting nervious with him so close, my body was shivering, he was smiling.

The room was so dark that I barely could see something, I paralize when I feel his arms hugging me, He pull me toward him and he hug me even more. My heart was beating so fast that I could even hear it. He push my head to his chest, after some minutes really tense I start relaxing myself.

"Just relax, then sleep" Pyro said

I close my eyes, I was feeling his cold skin under my hands, I start falling asleep slowly. And then everyting became dark.


It was night again, I opened my eyes, I was still in Pros arms, he was already awake, I sit down slowly, he turn to look at me with a big smile in his lips, I turn to look at him with a smile in my lips.

"You look so pretty when you sleep"

I blushed, he was so handsome and he did now how to make someone feel better. He was watching me while I was sleeping, this was the first night that I could dream so peacefully, like if he took care of my dreams. I just smile again, and I turn to look at him again.

"And you also look pretty when you blushed"

I smile, I stood up of the bed walking to the closet where Pyro leave me cloths for me. I took a black dress with golden details on it, also golden shoes. When I get out of the closet he was already dressed. I start walking out of the room, after some seconds walking he disappear leaving me once again alone.

(O.O.C time=41:30)

The following is a piece of writing submitted by XxlillyxX on March 23, 2010

fangs on my neck (pt4)

Chapter 3

I didn't have to much to do but to explore the castle, I walk into the darkness of a hall that guide to some stairs, I walk in silence, hidding my steps and breathing slowly. I finally get to the top of the tower, all the room was iluminated by a huge window that show you the whole forest. In the center of the room was a big and antique desk and an elegant chair. Above the desk where several notes and pictures.

On the walls where some paintings, dark paintings. The floor was made of wood. I walk to the desk and I sit down in the chair, I start reading the notes, but there was one that I didn't understand because it was write in another language.

áÏíäÇ ãÔßáÉ ãÚ ÕÏíÞ áß ¡ æäÍä äÚáã ÌíÏÇ ãÔÇÚÑß ÈÇáäÓÈÉ áåÇ æáßä ÃäÊ ÊÚáã Ãä áÇ íÓãÍ. ÃáÝ ÇáÅäÓÇä æãÕÇÕ ÏãÇÁ áÇ íãßä ÃÈÏÇ Ãä äßæä ÃÕÏÞÇÁ ¡ æÍÊì ÃÞá ÈßËíÑ. ÈÚíÏÇ ÚäåÇ ÅáÇ ÅÐÇ ßäÊ ÊÑíÏ ãäÇ Ãä ÊÍíÏ Úä ÃäÊ ¡ æÃäÊ ÊÚÑÝ ãÇ äÊÍÏË Úäå. äÍä ääÊãí Åáì ÝÑÚ ÛÇãÖÉ ãä ÇáÔÑ ¡ æÇäåã áÇ íäÊãæä Åáì ÚÇáãäÇ

æíÄÓÝäí ÚáíäÇ Ãä äÝÚá åÐÇ ¡ æáßä ÍÇä ÇáæÞÊ áÊÔÚÑ ÑÃÓß æäÏÑß Ãä ÇáÅäÓÇä ÇáãÌäÍ áä Êßæä ÃÈÏÇ ãÕÇÕ ÏãÇÁ. äÃãá Çä ÊÏÑßæÇ áãÕáÍÉ ÓÇí ÊÍÕá ÈÚíÏÇ Úä Ðáß.

äÃãá ÊÝå

I didn't understand a word, but I keep it so that maybe I could find out what it say. I open one drawer, there was a small red box, I took it and I open it, inside were many pictures of him and a lady, I took one photo, also inside were cards all of them black exept 3, two pink and 1 red, I took them and I put them also away, when I close the box Pyro appear just infront of me, he took the box in his hands and he shout to me really angry.

"Go away from here, I don't want to see you again in my life"

I run out of that room with the 4 cards, I didn't think it twise, I ran out of the mansion into the forest, I continue running to the center of the forest, I stopped, there was a small river and stones beside it, I sat down in one stone crying, I get pretty scared when I saw him that angry, his eyes turned into red and his fangs appeared.

I took out the card, I opened one pink first, I open the envelope and took the paper out of it. The paper was thin a soft, and the letters where from a lady. I start reading.

Dear Pyro,
I can't wait to see you again, I been missing you all this week, when will you come?
I can't wait to have you in my arms, to feel you next to me. I can't belive that of all the girls of the city you choose me, even knowing that I'm not rich or famous. I'll be waiting for you .
Always yours

He's in love, that was the first thing that I though, I was happy for him, but why if I was happy tears where comming out of my eyes? I put away the card, and I took the other one that was pink.

Dear Pyro,
My father is forcing me to get married with a noble of another city, I don't want to get marry with another man, I love you, please come for me, I'll be waiting for you here. My parent is sending me in 2 days, if you don't come, I'll die because I prefer dying than being with a man that isn't you.
Love you forever

I didn't understand, didn't he go for her? what really happened? I opened the next card, the black one and I continue reading.

Lady Sally was found death in her room one day ago, she was found hanged in her room, but before she killed herself she write something in her wall, no one know what it means, the phrase found was "Always yours even in death"
It's clear that she took away her own life.
The vampire council

He didn't went for her, even knowing she will kill herself he let her die. I keep the cards in one small bag of the dress. I laid there waching the sun getting out iluminating the horizont, and giving heat to all the living creatures.

I realize that right now I knew a part of Pyro's past, but I wouldn't see him again, because he right now hates me. I close my eyes feeling the wind in face.

The following is a piece of writing submitted by XxlillyxX on March 25, 2010

fangs on my neck (part5)

I stay in the forest till night, as the moon raise in the sky my road began, I start walking searching for some place to stay, in the edge of darkness, I couldn't see anything, just branches and black. I began searching for light, and in the middle of nowhere I found a red spot, I start walking to it, a flame in the middle of nowhere. I didn't understand, I was confuse, I turn to look at the sky full of skies, and then I pich up the branch with fire.

I smile, but when I was about to give my first step I start feeling pain in my back, someone throw and arrow and it hit me in my back. Drops of blood start falling to the ground from my back, I fall then into the ground falling into darkness and drawing into tears of sadness.

I woke up in a strange room, I was with chains on my neck and wrists also on my feets, I didn't feel well, there was something that made me feel sick. I turn to look everywhere, but the room was completly close, with only one door and without any windows, in the walls were drawings made of blood, what was this room?

I look at the floor and I realize that I was sitting above a strange symbol, made of a new moon and a pentagon. I didn't know what that means, I sat down at the corner covering my face with my shivering hands. The minutes pass, and I was still there, suddenly the door was opened, I stand up and walk out of the room, but where I was, I was in a certain cave.

I continue walking, the chains were really heavy but I didn't care, suddenly I hear a noise, I stop moving, I could hear the steps of someone comming to me, and then it appear, I only saw his red eyes comming. And then I couldn't remember anything, I fall into the ground, without remembering a thing of what just happened.

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