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fangs on my neck

by XxlillyxX

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a piece of a longer writing project. You can view the entire project here: fangs on my neck

The following is a piece of writing submitted by XxlillyxX on March 21, 2010

fangs on my neck (pt2)

Chapter 2

I wake up in a black bed, the room was dark and gloomy, I sit down but I notice that I was wearing only my underware, I cover myself with the black blanquet, I turn to look everywhere, but I was completly alone. I stand up of the bed still covering myself, I was really confused, I didn't know where I was, neither what happened. I approached to a sofa that was there. Above it, was a black short and beautifull dress, also black shoes.

I dress up without thinking in it, when I finish I get out of the room, the house was enormous, more like a mansion, a dark mansion. I start walking through the halls searching for the exit. I found a huge door, I open it wishing it was the exit, but instead it ooks me to huge gardens, the gardens where full of roses, I start walking on the roads, but then some violin music catch my atention, I follow the melody searching for the one that was playing it.

At the end of the search I found him again, he was in the center of some roses, the moonlight iluminated him making him look even more perfect than he already was. He stop playing the music and he turn to look at me. When he lead his gaze to me, I couldn't breath, he smiled one more time to me.

"It seems that the dress fit you" he said putting his violin away
"Yes, thank you. Who are you?"
"I already told you, I'm Pyro"
"No, who are you reallly?"
"That's something you need to find out by your own"

He start walking to me, he stood just infront of me, I stop breathing for seconds, he touch me hair and then he start walking to the mansion. I wasn't staying there, it was gloomy and spooky, but after everything, it wasn't my home. I start walking toward him and I grab his shoulder.

"I need to return Pyro"
"Where? to the forest? you will die there"
"But I can't stay here"
"Why not?"
"Because.... because...."
"See, you don't have a reason, so you can stay"

He continue walking I couldn't say anything, I just saw him walking to the inside of the house. I stay there in the gardens for a few more time, the wind start blowing, so I went to sleep again.

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