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fangs on my neck

by XxlillyxX

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a piece of a longer writing project. You can view the entire project here: fangs on my neck

The following is a piece of writing submitted by XxlillyxX on March 22, 2010

fangs on my neck (pt3)

Chapter 2 pt2

I was in the black bed trying to sleep, but it was useless, don't matter how hard I try it was useless. I shout trying calm myself because I was really angry I couldn't sleep, in that moment Pyro appear in the room really scared. I turn to look at him, he was wearing a black pants, and he was without any shirt, his perfect body was show one more time, I get hypnotise by him once more.

My breathing turn unconstantly, and my heart start beating faster. Pyro approached to the bed, and he turn to look at me still scared.

"What is it Iriz?" He said
"Nothing... I just can't sleep"
"Let me help you"

I get confuse, how could he help me to sleep. He cover himself with the blanquet and laid beside me. I start getting nervious with him so close, my body was shivering, he was smiling.

The room was so dark that I barely could see something, I paralize when I feel his arms hugging me, He pull me toward him and he hug me even more. My heart was beating so fast that I could even hear it. He push my head to his chest, after some minutes really tense I start relaxing myself.

"Just relax, then sleep" Pyro said

I close my eyes, I was feeling his cold skin under my hands, I start falling asleep slowly. And then everyting became dark.


It was night again, I opened my eyes, I was still in Pros arms, he was already awake, I sit down slowly, he turn to look at me with a big smile in his lips, I turn to look at him with a smile in my lips.

"You look so pretty when you sleep"

I blushed, he was so handsome and he did now how to make someone feel better. He was watching me while I was sleeping, this was the first night that I could dream so peacefully, like if he took care of my dreams. I just smile again, and I turn to look at him again.

"And you also look pretty when you blushed"

I smile, I stood up of the bed walking to the closet where Pyro leave me cloths for me. I took a black dress with golden details on it, also golden shoes. When I get out of the closet he was already dressed. I start walking out of the room, after some seconds walking he disappear leaving me once again alone.

(O.O.C time=41:30)

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