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fangs on my neck

by XxlillyxX

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a piece of a longer writing project. You can view the entire project here: fangs on my neck

The following is a piece of writing submitted by XxlillyxX on March 25, 2010

fangs on my neck (part5)

I stay in the forest till night, as the moon raise in the sky my road began, I start walking searching for some place to stay, in the edge of darkness, I couldn't see anything, just branches and black. I began searching for light, and in the middle of nowhere I found a red spot, I start walking to it, a flame in the middle of nowhere. I didn't understand, I was confuse, I turn to look at the sky full of skies, and then I pich up the branch with fire.

I smile, but when I was about to give my first step I start feeling pain in my back, someone throw and arrow and it hit me in my back. Drops of blood start falling to the ground from my back, I fall then into the ground falling into darkness and drawing into tears of sadness.

I woke up in a strange room, I was with chains on my neck and wrists also on my feets, I didn't feel well, there was something that made me feel sick. I turn to look everywhere, but the room was completly close, with only one door and without any windows, in the walls were drawings made of blood, what was this room?

I look at the floor and I realize that I was sitting above a strange symbol, made of a new moon and a pentagon. I didn't know what that means, I sat down at the corner covering my face with my shivering hands. The minutes pass, and I was still there, suddenly the door was opened, I stand up and walk out of the room, but where I was, I was in a certain cave.

I continue walking, the chains were really heavy but I didn't care, suddenly I hear a noise, I stop moving, I could hear the steps of someone comming to me, and then it appear, I only saw his red eyes comming. And then I couldn't remember anything, I fall into the ground, without remembering a thing of what just happened.

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