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The following is a piece of writing submitted by XxlillyxX on March 25, 2010


-Love? What is Love? -

- Love is that feeling you have when you think in that special person, when you feel you can give everything for him or her. That think that makes you risk everything, that thing that makes you fell crazy about that person.-

-If love are so many things, when can I find it?-

- You can find it in your heart, in your dreams, in you hope, in the poeple, love is everywhere, even in you-

-But I can't see it!-

-That's because your looking with the eyes of your body and not with the eyes of your soul.-

- But why something so beautiful can hurt so much?-

-Because when you giving your love to your people is really easy, but sometimes, that love is rejected and makes you feel like if that person don't love you, even that sometimes that is true, you can't give up, because there are millions of people that are waiting for a little piece of your heart too.-

- But what if my heart is too small to share it will all the people of the world?-

- Your heart is as big as the earth and it never has an end, don't matter how many poeple you gave a piece of your heart there will always be another one-

-But why if I don't what to share it?-

-Then you will be alone, and you will be sad because you will never love someone-

-Big Sis, if a friend hurts me, I need to hate her?-

-Of course not, you need to forgive, forgiveness is the most important thing in earth, but many people are blind in this moments and go to the wrong side, instead of going to the side of love they go to the side of hate and sadness. Those poeple are the ones that need your heart to return to the good side and continue loving-

-Sister, I need to tell you something-

-What is it Ana?-

-Sister, I LOVE YOU!-

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