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Fallen angel

by XxlillyxX

The following is a piece of writing submitted by XxlillyxX on April 1, 2010

The black feather


The night finally arrives, the night in which every dark creature meets in the Dark Circle. Here, every 100 years the fallen organize a reunion to make plans against those creature that send them to hell, the angels, that always have the best part. Everyone in the place were using black capes, and those that were the fallen angel council were using red ones and where in front of all. The discussions start then, after many ideas only one was choose. Steal the celestial book, the book in which all the secrets of God power are, the book that show how to be more powerful.

They already have the plan, but who will go to steal it? This was very dangerous; almost a suicide mission, but the council has faith in 2 fallen angels, the most powerful of them. They were a family. Deane was the mother, she could use metamorphosis, Dorian, the father has the completely control of the dark arts, that can be mental power or demoniac powers. And then a young girl of 17 years old, her name is Iris, she could use both powers. Iris was unique in her specie, all the fallen angels have black eyes and dark brown hair and almost no one black hair and pale skin. But Iris, her hair was red like if blood has been shed over it, and her eyes also red, her skin pale as the snow and her body perfect.
Dorian and Deane leave her daughter with the fallen angels council, hoping they would come back to meet her again. Iris just saw her parents flying to their own death or maybe to glory. A tear fall down her chick falling down to the marble floor, keeping her feelings in silence and her sadness in her heart, she could only hope for her parents to come back with the book in their hands.
Days, months, years passed and there was no sign of her parents, Iris start thinking that she would never see them again. 2 months ago, two symbols appear in her body, one in her left hand, it was a circle with a start inside of it, and in her left ankle a weird snake. Iris was now 21 years old, and then a strange card appear with bad news. Her parents die 2 months ago, the same day her marks appear. What could that mean?

The council already knows what her marks means, the angels will found her because of her marks, and they already know where she was, so the only option was to send her to another place to be safe. A new family, maybe, but which one? After many time thinking about it they found the perfect family for Iris. A noble family of fallen angels that live in earth, a perfect place for her to live.
Iris didn’t want to go; she wanted to stay here, because she already knows that no one will replace her parents. But she didn’t have other option but to go there, so at the end she packed her things and wait the new family to pick her.

Since the card arrive, Iris hasn’t said a word, she only observe and doesn’t speak. Maybe this could be a new chance to recover herself from the incident that happened to her parents.

The following is a piece of writing submitted by XxlillyxX on April 2, 2010

the black feather

I was sitting in a bank made of Wood, I wind was really cold and it was blowing really strong. I wasn’t in hell anymore; I was waiting for the family that will take care of me in the edge of the earth. I’ve been there for 15 minutes and haven’t arrived, I close my eyes and I lay in the bank. I wanted to return with the council, why I need to live in earth when my home was hell? I wasn’t taking any of my things, the council told me that they already have everything that I needed and if something was missing they will buy it for me.

I wasn’t really convinced about what was happening, but I couldn’t say anything, just stay in silence again. One member of the council was beside me waiting for their arrival; his face was serious like always, after some time a sound was hear. Then we saw black horses getting through the mist, stopping just in front of us. The horses were pulling a big and black chariot. From it a lady came out with her husband. She was beautiful, her hair black and long, her eyes blue and her figure perfect, her husband was really handsome also, he was tall and athletic, with black hair and black eyes.

In the moment they arrived I sat down correctly, they turn to look at me with a big smile, while my face reflected no emotion. They turn to look the man that was next to me, but then they turn their gaze again into me, I didn’t like the way they were looking at me; this was really weird for me. What was this feeling I was feeling? I was nervous and uncomfortable.

“You’re late” The man said

“We are sorry, we barely see in this mist, but we arrive. By the way my name is Draney” the lady said

“My name is Lothian” The man said.

“Her name is Iris, she’s really important for the fallen angels so I hope you will know how to treat her”

“We sure know, Iris why don’t you get into the chariot”

I feel like I moron every time someone talks to me that way, but what else could I do. I stand up and I get into the chariot. I was using a short black dress, it didn’t cover my knees. They both enter then, I turn myself and I looked at the window, they turn to look at each other with my signal of rejection.

I could imagine how they feel with my presence, I looked like an emotionless girl, but I wasn’t like that, it’s just that my feeling were frozen with my heart in the moment I became alone. I turn to look at them, my gaze was as cold as eyes, I didn’t smile at all.

“Well… I hope we can have a good relationship… and I’m sure you will be friend of my son Christoff”

I just stare at them, so they have a son, and as the council told me he was of my age, that was good, maybe I could became her friend, but I didn’t know, everyone always reject me, but I hope this time to be different.

After 1 hour we finally arrive to the mansion, I get down of the chariot and I looked at all the mansion, it was huge, and the gardens really colorful, but the sky was completely gray. I enter to the mansion hoping to see everything full of color, but everything was grey, black, dark blue and red.

“Your room is in the fifth floor, the first one”

I just turn to look at Lothian and then I start walking to the fifth room, the stairs makes me get exhausted, but finally I arrive to it. I enter and I look at everything, my room was completely black.

The bed was in the center of the room on a sort of dais, covered by curtains. On one side stood a huge room with a table at its center and a bookcase on the wall, also had a desk there.

On the other hand, were a Jacuzzi and a fireplace with sofas in front of her. In the back was the bathroom and dressing room. The bathroom was gray, a giant tub was the at the end, the walls were marble. There was also a sink with a mirror in front of him.

The dressing was great, had all kinds of clothes in it for me, clothes, shoes, jewelry, everything.

I went out of the room and I start walking to the gardens, I wanted to spend some time with the plants, with the nature. As I was walking I accidentally hit myself with someone, I gave a step back as fast as I could looking at that person. It was a guy, his hair was black and more or less long, it didn’t cover her neck but was a little long. His eyes where completely blue, his skin pale and his body perfect. I turn to look at his face, it was so beautiful.

“Hey watch out where you are walking servant”

Wait, how did he call me? Servant? I wasn’t going to stay in silence with this offence, but I didn’t want to talk, it’s been 2 months since I said my last word. But there’s always a first time.

“Excuse me? I’m not your servant; I just came here to live”

“So you are that new girl, Iris, well I just want you to know that I don’t want you to be here, but my parents force me to accept, so stay away from me, oh and my name is Christoff so don’t forget it.”

What the… who he thought he was?! I won’t let he treat me like this, but by this time I won’t say anything, I will just ignore him, and let’s see how this continue. He continues walking without saying a thing, I just look at him and I continue walking to the gardens. He will understand the big mistake he did by treating me that way. What I friend he was, he was no one for me now.

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