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The following is a piece of writing submitted by XxlillyxX on April 19, 2010
""Everything that you want is always reflected on your dreams ""

A Foreign Land

I close again my eyes again, into dreams I fall again,
In the middle of a forest I appear, looking at everything,
the flowers were golden and the trees silver,
a green path under my feets, inviting me to go to see

In the shadows I could barely see
the moonlight of the moon was hiding from me,
I stop in a mountain looking for some sleep,
But a castle was everything I could see.

I walk to the castle but the doors were closed,
So I shout in order to let me go.
The doors open to the castle, as a prince appear
he open his arms waiting for me
I just run for his meet.

I grab him looking at his eyes,
and when our lips were about kiss
I woke up from this dream.

(Single girls: Walt Disney is to blame for all, he made us believe in a prince charming)

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