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Under the same sky

by XxlillyxX

The following is a piece of writing submitted by XxlillyxX on May 23, 2010


The creatures on earth can be perfectly form, but, there are some others that are completely different, that’s my case, I was born completely different from the others. I was born in the middle of a common town, living my life normally, but, when I turn 17 years old, everything changed, my body transform into a beautiful woman, I looked completely different, now I was attractive, but also strange things happened, black wings appeared from my back, and I get mind powers. Everyone get scared of me so I ran away… but the things continue getting worst.
In the way to find a new home, I met a man, he told me that he would help me, I believe all his lies, but at the end he rape me leaving me hurt in the middle of nowhere. From that day on, I couldn't trust in any man, at least, it was really difficult to make me believe in someone.
Some creatures helped me, they were like big birds, but they could talk and think. I stay with them, they taught me how to fly and they fed me. Soon I was 21 years old, I stop growing up… I became immortal.
I became a perfect woman, pale skin, black hair, blue eyes, perfect body and beautiful face.

The following is a piece of writing submitted by XxlillyxX on May 23, 2010

Iris 1

And so the night was about to begin, I was covering myself with my wings, looking at the city, the night was so cold that I could barely move, the wind was so strong that I won’t be able to fly to my home. I’ll need to stay in the forest, but I was starving and thirsty and not to mention freezing. All my body was shivering, and so I fell in the white snow, fainting. I woke up in a cave, lying next to a bonfire, and cover with a red banquet.

What was I doing there? But anyway, I was glad to be there, other way I would be already death. I start hearing steps, and then a guy appear from the dark of the cave, his hair was black and his eyes blue, his skin so pale, his body was completely perfect even his face, all of him. When I saw him it was like if my heart stopped for a minute. His smile was so charming, it made my heart melt.

“I’m glad you wake up…” He said in a seductive voice

He was the one who saved me, but why? All humans only care about themselves, but there was something different on him, but I didn’t know what was it.

“Why did you help me?”

He laugh a little of my question but then he answer, what did he mean when he said he wasn’t human either? I turn to look at him with a strange face, but then a tail appear from his back, a demon tail, also a pair of horns and black demon wings, also his eyes turn red. And in a second he transform again.

Now I understand, he wasn’t human because he was a demon, but I was only half fallen angel. I was immortal and with fallen angels powers, but still I could die, or bleed. I stood up and I took the blanket and fold it.

“Thanks for saving me….um…..”

He smiled and he told me his name was Ryusen, it was a beautiful name, and then he asked me my name.

“I’m Iris…”

He smiled and then he start walking to the end of the cave, and he made his wings appear once more, and the he said that it was nice meting me, but that he needed to go. He disappear in the snow storm, I couldn’t even say goodbye. I took the blanket that he gave me and I sit beside the bonfire.

When the storm end I will go to the city in search of a work, to get myself food, because I haven’t eat anything in 3 days, being poor was so bad, I wish I could have some money, but I didn’t have anything, since the moment I was expelled from my village, in that moment my life torn apart.

The following is a piece of writing submitted by XxlillyxX on May 23, 2010


I was walking in the forest, making my body warmer by using fire, I could manipulate fire or make it appear from my hands and use it like a weapon, and also, I’m a complete demon. I was hiding from some people that wanted me to work for them like a weapon, but I won’t work for anyone, I only work for myself, I’m free and I’ll be forever.

I look at the sky, the starts were covering the huge dark sky with their brightness, but as I continue walking suddenly I fall because I stumbled with something that was in the ground. I stood up and I turn to look what was in the ground, I expected to see a rock or a branch, but instead there was a girl lying unconscious in the cold snow. I couldn’t let her there; she was going to die if I leave her there.

I took her by her arm to carry her, but in the moment I touch her pair of black wings appear covering her body. I waited for some minutes and finally the wings return to her back letting me touch her. I carry her in my arms; her skin was cold so I needed to find a shelter for her quickly. I enter to a cave that was there, I cut some branches from the few trees that were there. I put them together beside her and I put fire on them to make a bonfire.

I turn to look at her, she was pretty after all, she has long black hair, brunette skin but pretty, like if she took a bath with the golden light of the sun. Her lips between pink and red, her face beautiful and perfect, her body was perfect also, with all the curves that a woman could have. I stare at her while she was sleeping, she just look so cute.

I start walking out of the cave, but I heard those people coming, I needed to go away fast, but I couldn’t let her there alone. I put above her a blanket that I always carry, because she was still cold, after some seconds she woke up, she turn to look at me, her eyes were so beautiful, deep blue.

“I’m glad you wake up” I said

She seem confuse, but after returning to herself she finally spoke, she ask me why I helped her, I laugh of her question, what? Did she want me to leave her in the snow and just watch her die there? But after everything, another reason that made me help her was that she wasn’t a human either. So maybe that was the reason why I help her, but now that I see her I do not regret saving her.

“Well, did you want me to leave you in the snow and let you die? And apart from that, maybe because we’re not so different, I’m not human, like you.”

She turn to look at me confuse, maybe she didn’t get the part that I wasn’t human, or maybe she’s just surprise, but just in case, I transform so that she could understand. Fire start covering part of my body, and so a demon tail and wings appear, also horns in my head and my eyes turn into red. She turn to look at me now with a surprise face, I return to my original form, she smile then, such a beautiful smile.

She said that she was thankful for saving her, but she ask in an indirect way my name, well knowing our names won’t affect anyone.

“My name is Ryusen, and your name is?”

She told me that her name was Iris, it was a beautiful name, indeed everything of her was beautiful. I hear again the strange sound of people coming, I didn’t want to leave her here alone, but I really needed to escape so I walk to the end of the cave and I made my wings appear once more to escape with the snow like my disguise.
Before going, I wanted to see her face one more time, I turn to look at her, she was looking at me with a sad song holding the blanket that I gave her. She looked so cute like that, but still I needed to go.

“It was nice meeting you Iris, but, unfortunately, I need to go, I hope we’ll meet again in another time, Goodbye.”

I disappear in the middle of the night; my only escape was to arrive to the closest city near the area so that they won’t recognize me with all the people there. The moon was in the middle of the sky, but still I could barely see something, I couldn’t use my fire to light my way because they would find me, but suddenly another light appear on land.

The city was now above me, I landed at the outskirts of the town. I start walking to the center of the city to found some place to stay tonight. The only place I could found was a bar that has 3 rooms at the top.

The following is a piece of writing submitted by XxlillyxX on May 23, 2010


I could just watch him go away in the middle of the snow storm; I couldn’t say even a word. I lay again beside the bonfire; the coldness was still covering my body. I wanted to go away, but I was trapped in this dirty cave. I needed to find a town soon, I couldn’t stay in this forest, it was so dirty and wet. I fall asleep soon, waiting for the sun to wake up and light the entire valley. As the sun appear in the sky I woke up and start walking out of the cave, the snow still cover all the forest, and the wind was still cold, but now the sky was visible and able to fly.

I made my wings appear, I turn to look at the sky and start flying, and the sensation of being in the air was so magical, I could feel free, with my own limits. I start searching for the closest city, I spend all my day in that, in the night I saw fire on the horizon, I fly there, I landed in the center of the city, between shadows. No one was in the streets, everything was also closed, this looked like a ghost city. I start hearing music from a little bar, I enter there, there was only a man there, I turn to look at him, I needed to find a room.

“Excuse me Sir, I’m searching for a place to stay but everything is closed”

“Well, I have 2 available rooms here, but you need to pay lady”

“But Sir, I don’t have any money…”

“Then go away and find somewhere else!”


“Go away!!”

Then suddenly someone spoke, he ask what was going on, I turn to look who he was, Ryusen was standing on the stairs, he smiled to me when he saw me. And then he return to his serious face in a second.

“This girl wants a place to stay, but she don’t have money to pay!”

Then his words surprise me, he told the man I was staying with him, he came down and grab me hand, I just follow him without knowing what to say. He guide me to his room, it was small but I didn’t care.

“Thanks…. I really appreciate what you are doing for me”

He smile and said that he doesn’t matter, also that he would go out for a while, he get out of the room, I search for the bathroom, inside there was a small tub, the toilet and the sink. I undress myself, my skin was soft and pale, I turn on the water to fill the tub with hot water, meanwhile I cover my body with a towel, when the water fill the tub I enter slowly, feeling how my muscles start relaxing slowly.

I close my eyes as the hot water cover my body and warms it. I stay there for a long while, I start feeling a bit dizzy so I decided to get out of the tub, I stand up beside the tub, but just before I could grab the towel someone open the door. I turn to look but I freeze when I saw who he was. Ryusen was standing infront of me, and I WAS NUDE! I try to move but my muscles didn’t answer me. He quickly close his eyes and turn. I grab as fast as I could the towel and cover my body.

“You may turn now”

I said still speechless.

The following is a piece of writing submitted by XxlillyxX on May 24, 2010


I enter to the bar, the man was sleeping in his desk, I took a small bag of gold coins from my jacket, I throw them to his desk making him woke up, I didn’t said a word to him, I continue walking to the rooms of the bar. I get the biggest one, even being the biggest was pretty small. This was so small that I could barely feel comfortable. I throw my jacket to the small desk that was there and I start sleeping.

I couldn’t dream at all, my thoughts were black, nothing happy, nothing sad, just balanced, but suddenly a shout made me woke up. I stand up and went to the entrance of the hotel. I start walking slowly, I wanted to sleep more, but the noise didn’t let me. I get pretty surprise when I saw who was making the noise. Iris was standing there and the owner of the bar was shouting to her.

“What’s going on here?” I said

I heard the answer of the owner, I smile then, Iris needed a place to stay but she didn’t have money. I didn’t know what to do, but suddenly an idea came to my mind like magic itself. What about she staying with me? But don’t misunderstood; I thought that like a friend not like anything else.

Iris was looking at me with surprise, I turn my face at her giving her a warm smile, but then I turn to look at the man with an emotionless face.

“Don’t worry about this girl, she’s staying with me, I gave you enough money for both”

Before he could answer me, I walked to Iris and grab her from her hand, in the moment I touch her cold skin I felt something different, something warm inside of me. She just follow me without saying a word, maybe because she was shy, or maybe just because she hasn’t get it yet. I guide her to my room, when she entered she look everywhere, and then she turn to look at me, her cheeks turn into a cute red, she start playing with her own fingers and then a short and quick thanks escaped from her lovely pink lips.

When I heard her voice I felt something strange inside of me again, like a slight and warm breeze.

“Don’t worry, it’s nothing. I’ll go for a walk; I’ll be right back soon”

I said leaving her in the room, I wanted her to feel comfortable, and she won’t feel 100% sure with me inside the room. I went out of the bar, the smell of alcohol was so strong there that made me feel a bit dizzy. I went out of the bar, in the moment I gave a step out of the bar the cold wind of a winter night freeze my body, the coldness get into my bones, I start shivering, smoke came out of my mouth with every breath.

The snow was covering again the valley; the moonlight was covering the small town. The town was in darkness, the only things that lit the streets where some sticks with fire that were in each house. As I walk through the streets I hug myself trying to catch a little of hit that was escaping from my body. My leather jacket was covering me from the coldness but still the cold wind found entrances to my body.

I needed some heat and fast, I raise my hands slowly in front of me, flames came out of my hands warming my body. The flames remained in my hands, I return to the bar to get a shower with hot water. Before entering to the bar, I shake my hands making the flames disappear in the cold wind. I open the door, no one was there now, everyone was sleeping at this time. I went to my room, I was expecting to find Iris sleeping in the bed covering her cold and fragile body with a blanket, but no one was inside of the room.

I thought that Iris go away while I was gone, so I throw my jacket to the bed and I walk to the bathroom. I was looking at the floor, I open the door and gave a few steps and then I raise my head looking at the bathroom, but I didn’t watch what I expected, Iris was nude, and she was in front of me! I didn’t know what to do, I paralyze, she got pretty surprise too, I close my eyes and turn as fast as I could.

I couldn’t believe what I just saw; her image came again and again to my mind. She said that I could turn around now, I turn slowly, and her cheeks were again red, what could I say to her now?

“I’m so sorry… I didn’t know that you where here… well I knew you were her but not here in the bathroom… I so sorry”

She turn to look at me and she smile, she just said that it was okay with a small laugh, I get out of the bathroom letting her dress up. I waited for her lying above the bed, finally she opened the door, she was using a small black dress, some warmers on her legs and white socks. I stood up and walk to the bathroom but first I stop in front of her.

“Sleep on the bed, I’ll find somewhere to sleep”

She just said yes with her head, I enter to the bathroom, I took a fast shower with really hot water, I dress up with a red shorts and a black T-shirt. I open the door and I saw Iris sleeping so peacefully in the bed. She was hugging the pillow with a smile in her face. I went to the small sofa that was in front the window; I lay there getting slowly fall asleep.

The time pass so fast, I was sleeping when I felt that someone was pulling my shirt sleeve. I
woke up slowly, I saw Iris then, she had tears in her eyes, and her face shows that she was pretty scared. Iris told me that she couldn’t sleep, that she was scared of something that happened in her dream.

“Don’t worry, come with me”

I grab Iris hand and I guide her again to the bed, I lay there without covering my body with the blanket, she cover her body and lay just beside me, I grab her from her shoulders and neck while she hug me. Iris fall asleep fast, but saying every minute the same thing “Someone help, they’re attacking us!” or “We need to go away!” strange phrases for dreams.

The following is a piece of writing submitted by XxlillyxX on May 31, 2010

Iris 3

I was covering now my body with the brown and soft towel, he wasn’t sure about turning, but when he did, his cheeks were completely red and his hands were shivering. He looked so funny, and he didn’t saw with a bad intention, he said sorry like 5 times, he was so cute, I smiled to him, I was about to melt inside of me.

“It’s okay” I said smiling

He just smile and get out of the bathroom, I took a small dress that was there in the bathroom, I put it on quickly, I was still nervous, I open the door of the bathroom, I search for him, trying to find him, and then his image appear he was lying in the bed with his hands in his eyes. He turn to look at me, I felt how he looked at all my body, he stood up and walk to me, I start feeling butterflies in my stomach every time he give a step forward. He stops just in front of me, I was waiting anxiously for a phrase that will make me blush or smile, but instead a cold and serous phrase took its place.

He told me to sleep on the bed, that he would sleep somewhere else. I just said yes with my head, I felt disappointed, I would die right there to hear him say something nice, but he’s coldness return to him. He passed by my side without saying a word and enters to the bathroom closing the door. I walked to the bed; it was really big for me, I lay there grabbing the pillow. I put my head above it hugging it at the same time.

A small smile came out of my lips, sleeping on a bed felt really comfortable. I start relaxing my muscles, I cover my legs with a blanket, the dark night enters to the room making the dim light face in darkness. I close my eyes slowly waiting for myself to sleep, I grab a small rock that I always carry, it isn’t just an ordinary rock, it is cover with gold and silver, it was my parent’s most precious item. Before I needed to leave them, my mother gave it to me; she told me that it would help me prevent bad things.

I didn’t understand what she was saying; I think she gave it to me like an amulet for good luck. Reality fades away in my mind, but now another scene appear covering my happy dream.
<<I barely See Ryusen, mist was all around us, I run to him, trying to hug him, he turn and smile to me, but he was walking away from me, I run to him, but then I heard a sound, and then the smell of blood covered all the place. I start following the smell. Ryusen was on the floor bleeding, I cover my mouth in tears. Some one was there sitting beside him in her kneels. I approach to her, her hair was long and black, her skin pale, his hands cover with blood.

Suddenly she turned her head and looked at me, but the truth was that I was watching in that moment to myself. What was going on, I turn to look at my hands, now they were cover with blood, I turn to my side and Ryusen was there, he turn to look at me and said in whispers “why Iris? Why?” I stood up and cover my ears “I didn’t kill you! I DIDN’T!!” I didn’t kill Ryusen it was her, she killed him, but why she looked just like me!? What was going on!” >>

I woke up of a sudden, I turn to look searching for Ryusen, I saw him lying in the small sofa that was near the window, I stood up and approach to him, I didn’t know if he was death or alive, I pull his sleeve, he woke up slowly, one of my tears fall to his cheek, he turn to look at me asking me if I was okay. I couldn’t tell him that he die in one of my dreams.

“I’m…. I’m scare… Something happened in one of my dreams… please help me…”

He smiled to me and told me that I shouldn’t worry, that it was just a dream, he grab my hand and told me to follow him, where we were going? He guides me to the bed, I lay there again and cover my body with the same blanket, Ryusen lay there too, but without covering himself. I closed my eyes, Ryusen grab me from my shoulders and neck, I put my right arm above him chest. I sleep there again, but again something happened.

Once more my imagination fly away fading away from reality, but these time, I couldn’t see very well, the mist cover the images, just some parts were reveled, there was a small town, just like this one, I was there, also Ryusen, but the town was in fire, some monsters were attacking it, they looked like humans, but they had horns and their eyes were red, they were using long black capes, and the Ryusen took my hand and we began running out of the town to hide…. And suddenly the pictures became black….

I stood up, I was alone in the bed, and in the room. I took all of my things and dress up, No one was there, I look for Ryusen, but it was like if he disappeared. I went out of the room, no one was awake, the sky was gray and the sun hiding behind the clouds, I felt a touch on my shoulder and suddenly it pull my to the ground. I just heard someone telling me to hide. I turn to look who it was, Ryusen was behind some bushes hiding himself, but from what?

The following is a piece of writing submitted by XxlillyxX on June 6, 2010

Ryusen 3

Iris was sleeping on my arms, she looked so peaceful, her black hair cover the pillow, I couldn’t sleep in all the night, I was so nervous being so close to her, every time she moved and touch my skin a warm sensation appeared on my body, I felt so strange, but then the night came to an end as fast as I started feeling the presence of those who were tracking me, why did my father send them? Why he can’t get the part that I want to live alone? But no, he wants to force me to stay with him in hell, and that won’t happen.

I live Iris in her bed, I took all of my things and dress up, the morning was about to appear, the blue sky could be seen behind the mountains making it’s entrance, the sun protecting the morning with his presence between the mountains. I hide behind some bushes trying to plan how to get out of there, the only way was to wait for them to leave, but it was useless, a demon can’t be fooled, they were coming closer, I would escape right now, but they would see me anyway. I heard someone open a door then, Iris walk in front of me, she didn’t saw me, I grab her and pull her to me, I catch her a cover her mouth, she try to shout but my hand didn’t let her.

“Shut up, it’s me”

I said in discretion, she turn to look at me, I release her, the only thing she said was that why we were hiding, I turn to look at the streets, bad news, they were already here, all of them were using the typical black cape with the demon’s symbol everywhere. Their horns on their head and red eyes, I push Iris head down to hide more.

“We’re hiding from them”

I grab her hand and start walking as quickly as I could to a small garage that was there, I needed to get out here, but how? This was a complicated situation, because I needed to take Iris with me other way they would kill her with the rest of the people. I close the door blocking it with some metal that was there. I search for an exit of that place, there was a small door closed with a lock, I used my flames to open the lock.

“Which are your powers Iris?” I said

She told me she could use lightning and mental powers and also fly, right now I couldn’t use her powers, I hit the door now opening it, I was about to grab Iris arm but she move and grab mine. She asked me why we needed to hide from them? Maybe I don’t have another option but to tell her.

“Because they are after me, they are my father’s guard, they are after me because my father wants me to return and rule by his side forever and that is something I won’t do.”
She release my arm and gave a step back, she told me then that I was the devil’s son, I could just say yes with me head, but I didn’t want her to be scared of me, I wasn’t bad, I want her to see me not like a devil’s son, but like a guy, just a guy.

“But please” I approach to her and grab her hand “Don’t be scared of me, I’m not bad, I would never hurt you, just look at me, look at me like a friend not like the devil’s son”

She smiled to me, but her face looked sad, I turn grabbing her hand and went out of the garage, the back part of the house was completely full of plants, and continue walking, but suddenly a barrier of fire appear in front of us. What was going on now?! Demons appear in front of us and others behind. I couldn’t escape anymore, the only way we could go was fighting, I release her hand, and push her behind of me.

“Please Iris; close your eyes until I tell you to open them”

I soft yes get out of her lips, I turn to look at her, she closed her eyes, I start then transforming into my real appearance, fire start covering my body, a pair of black demoniac wings appear on my back, my shirt torn into many pieces, in my arms appear some demoniac tattoos, my eyes turn red, 2 long horns appear on my head and also a pair of really sharpen fangs. Fire covers my hands, I start killing all of them using daggers, I could transform fire into metal, this was a gift given to the royal family of hell.

Every flame that I throw transform into any weapon made of metal that I wanted. Blood spatters in all direction, my body get covered with it. I finished now; I lick the blood that was in my hands, also on parts of my arms. I turn to look at Iris, she was sitting on the floor, even when her eyes were closed, there were tears on her face. Fire covers me again, I transform myself again into my human form, and I wasn’t using any shirt now.

“You may open your eyes now”

Iris opened her deep blue eyes, she turn to look everywhere, everyone was death, we were safe now, but instead of asking something, she just move her body toward me and hug me. My heart starts beating faster, she was crying, her tears were falling into my skin. I just hug her back, she told me she was so happy that nothing bad happened to me. I just smiled, but then I smelled blood coming out of her.

I turn to look at her waist side, she has a big wound there, and the bleeding wasn’t stopping. Iris noticed that I was looking at her wound, so she covered it with her hand. She only said that it was okay , that she was fine.

“No, your not fine, your bleeding, what happened?”

She didn’t looked at my face, but at least she told me, one of my daggers hurt her? How could I hurt her if I have completely control of my weapons, I never miss, I always hit the right spot. The reason wasn’t the big deal right now, the problem was that she was hurt and I needed to heal her soon.

“We need to find someplace to stay for now, I’ll think of something”

She repeat that she was fine, that I didn’t need to worry, but I didn’t answer this time, I made my wings appear, at the same time I carry her in my arms, I needed to find a place with water, the town where we were staying was completely destroy, so it wasn’t an option. I continue searching, I turn to look at Iris, she was still bleeding, but she didn’t said anything, the wound was pretty big, it should be hurting her, but she stay quit, like if she was keeping her pain for herself.

After some minutes I could see a small like in the middle of a forest. We were about get there, but when I turn to look at Iris to tell her we were almost there she wasn’t conscious, this was now a problem.

“Iris… Iris… wake up please… resist… we’re almost there.”

I said whispering, I start flying faster and faster, I landed in the shore of the lake. I lay her there; I raise her shirt to see the wound. Her skin was opened in many directions; each cut at different depths and each one more infected that then other. These cuts had not been caused by my daggers, but by one of the demons that were there. I clean her wounds with the water, cleaning all the blood.

Suddenly I watch something that really surprise me, her skin was healing by itself, it wasn’t like magic that heal in 5 seconds, this will take at least 5 days to heal 100%, but she was healing faster than a human, maybe because she was half fallen angel, I don’t really now, but she will be okay, that’s the important part.

The following is a piece of writing submitted by XxlillyxX on June 23, 2010


I was on the ground lying in the floor above Ryusen, even that this scene seems so romantic, it was the opposite, he was covering my mouth with his hand and he was grabbing my arm too strong. What was going on, why were we hiding? I remove his hand from my mouth catching a long breath.

“Why are we hiding?”

He pushed my head down pointing those creatures, they weren’t human, but who were they? I continue looking at them, but Ryusen took my hand making me move, I start moving but my gaze was still on them. We stop in front of a small garage that was there, what were we doing here? We enter there, Ryusen start moving really fast, he block the door with metal, he didn’t stop, he was walking from one place to another, he stop looking at the back door that has a lock on it. He turn to look at me, he asked which powers I have, I didn’t know exactly some of my powers are unexpected, but the ones that could really have control on them were 3.

“I can use lightning, metal and use my wings to fly”

He thought for a second and once again he continue moving, he was about to grab my arm when I moved and grab his. I was confused and scared what was going on? Why was he so nervous?

“Ryusen, who are they? Why are we hiding?”

Ryusen turn his head, which was a bad signal that means something wasn’t alright. He turn slowly looking at me, he told me that those people were his father’s guard, and that they were after him because his father wants him to rule with him. I realize then, if he was a demon, and his father was the king, then his father was Satan, and he was his son. That scared me, I release his arm and gave a step back as fast as I could.

“you’re…you’re the d…devil’s son…” I said

He just say yes with his head, I turn my head, I was about to cover my mouth with my hand when he grabbed it. He told me not to be afraid of him, but to look at him like a friend. The word FRIEND rumble in my head, I force myself to smile even that I was sad, I didn’t want him to think about me just like a friend.

He turn still grabbing my hand, he opened the back door and start walking there, the road was full of plants, but suddenly a wall of fire appear in of us. I grab Ryusen now, I was scared, demons appear from all directions, Ryusen pushed me behind of him, he turn and told me to close my eyes until he told me to.


I close my eyes and sat down in the floor covering my eyes. I start feeling heat were Ryusen was, but the heat start moving away. I start hearing screams, I was supposed not to open my eyes, but it was to tempting that I opened them. I saw blood and dead bodies everywhere. I sat down in my knees looking for Ryusen.

A light blinded my eyes, Ryusen was all covered with fire, his eyes were completely red, he had a pair of horns, a demon tail and demon wings. He looked so scary, I couldn’t stop staring at him, I was in shock, but then I felt a throbbing pain throughout my body, blood start coming out from a wound that was on my right side in my waist.

I cover my wound with my hands, the pain was terrible, I close my eyes and lay on the ground. I felt like if someone was walking to me. Suddenly I heard Ryusen voice telling me that I could open my eyes now. I sat down and open my eyes. I turn looking at everyone, but all of them were death. I turn to look then at Ryusen, he was all cover with blood and without a shirt.

When I saw him like that, I couldn’t contain my tears anymore. I get so scared when I saw him like that, thirsty of blood and with bloody eyes. I stood up as fast as I could and I hug him with all of my strength. He get surprise with this, he hug me back after seconds. My tears was falling into his skin.

“Ryusen… I was so scared… I thought something may happen to you, I’m so happy nothing bad happened.”

Ryusen smiled to me without releasing me, but then his gaze turn into my wound, I notice when he looked at it, I didn’t want him to worry about this, even that it was deep, I didn’t want him to worry anymore. I cover it with my hand trying to pretend that I was okay.

“It’s nothing, I’m fine”

He reply telling me that I wasn’t okay, even that it was the truth I couldn’t let him get any worried. He ask me for an explanation, the only thing that I could remember was him throwing daggers and the pain, so I assume maybe my wound was cause by one of his daggers. I didn’t look at his face, it make me feel guilty.

“I can’t remember everything, but I think one of your daggers hurt me”

He get confuse with my answer, he didn’t believe me, he told me that we needed to find a place where we could stay. I didn’t want this to happen; now he was worried and that makes him kinda angry.

“I’m fine, really, I’m okay”

He didn’t answer; his silence was like daggers through my heart. His black wings appear, I turn away but then he carry me, I didn’t say anything, I wanted to shout, but I keep my pain and suffering for myself inside of me. My shirt was wet but with blood, the smell made me feel dizzy. After sometime the pain covers all my body, my eyes start closing. I just remember his voice telling me to resist….


I woke up in the shore of a lake, I didn’t knew where I was, it was night, my head hurt, I grab it with my hands standing up, I walk a few steps but then I fell.

“Where am I?” I asked to myself

I turn looking for Ryusen but he had disappear once again. I start walking through the forest, the mist was covering all the place, I couldn’t see anything, as the time passed I figured I was lost, the only thing I could do was to continue walking hoping to find and exit to that creepy place. After many time I could see a figure, a man figure.

I follow it until we arrive into a place were the mist completely disappear. I stay in the mist side, hiding myself. But then I realize that man I’ve been following was Ryusen. He said that why did she take him there. She? Who was “she”? I turn to look, there was sitting on a rock a beautiful woman, her hair was red and shiny, her eyes as blue as the nigh sky, her skin pail as the snow, her figure perfect.

But there was something strange on her, she had a tail, a demon tail, that mean she was one of them. I hear that she missed him too much, I didn’t understand half of the conversation, it was like if they were speaking in other language. But the only thing I could understand was when I saw them kissed. Some tears fall of my eyes to the ground. They were kissing each other with love. I gave a few steps back and then go away running.

I didn’t notice where I was going I just wanted to go. I fall down in the middle of the woods; I sat down in front of a tree crying. Waiting for the morning to arrive to go away, my wound started bleeding again when I ran away, the blood drops had left a pad, but I’m sure he won’t care, he would be to busy with her.

**//Girls are like apples, the best ones are at the top of the trees. The boys don't want to reach for the good ones because they are afraid of falling and getting hurt. Instead they just get the rotten apples that are on the floor that aren't as good, but easy, so the apples at the top think there's something wrong with them, when in reality, they're amazing. They just have to wait for the right boy to come along , the one who's brave enough to climb all the way to the top"
-Pete Wentz//**

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