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Under the same sky

by XxlillyxX

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a piece of a longer writing project. You can view the entire project here: Under the same sky

The following is a piece of writing submitted by XxlillyxX on May 23, 2010


I was walking in the forest, making my body warmer by using fire, I could manipulate fire or make it appear from my hands and use it like a weapon, and also, I’m a complete demon. I was hiding from some people that wanted me to work for them like a weapon, but I won’t work for anyone, I only work for myself, I’m free and I’ll be forever.

I look at the sky, the starts were covering the huge dark sky with their brightness, but as I continue walking suddenly I fall because I stumbled with something that was in the ground. I stood up and I turn to look what was in the ground, I expected to see a rock or a branch, but instead there was a girl lying unconscious in the cold snow. I couldn’t let her there; she was going to die if I leave her there.

I took her by her arm to carry her, but in the moment I touch her pair of black wings appear covering her body. I waited for some minutes and finally the wings return to her back letting me touch her. I carry her in my arms; her skin was cold so I needed to find a shelter for her quickly. I enter to a cave that was there, I cut some branches from the few trees that were there. I put them together beside her and I put fire on them to make a bonfire.

I turn to look at her, she was pretty after all, she has long black hair, brunette skin but pretty, like if she took a bath with the golden light of the sun. Her lips between pink and red, her face beautiful and perfect, her body was perfect also, with all the curves that a woman could have. I stare at her while she was sleeping, she just look so cute.

I start walking out of the cave, but I heard those people coming, I needed to go away fast, but I couldn’t let her there alone. I put above her a blanket that I always carry, because she was still cold, after some seconds she woke up, she turn to look at me, her eyes were so beautiful, deep blue.

“I’m glad you wake up” I said

She seem confuse, but after returning to herself she finally spoke, she ask me why I helped her, I laugh of her question, what? Did she want me to leave her in the snow and just watch her die there? But after everything, another reason that made me help her was that she wasn’t a human either. So maybe that was the reason why I help her, but now that I see her I do not regret saving her.

“Well, did you want me to leave you in the snow and let you die? And apart from that, maybe because we’re not so different, I’m not human, like you.”

She turn to look at me confuse, maybe she didn’t get the part that I wasn’t human, or maybe she’s just surprise, but just in case, I transform so that she could understand. Fire start covering part of my body, and so a demon tail and wings appear, also horns in my head and my eyes turn into red. She turn to look at me now with a surprise face, I return to my original form, she smile then, such a beautiful smile.

She said that she was thankful for saving her, but she ask in an indirect way my name, well knowing our names won’t affect anyone.

“My name is Ryusen, and your name is?”

She told me that her name was Iris, it was a beautiful name, indeed everything of her was beautiful. I hear again the strange sound of people coming, I didn’t want to leave her here alone, but I really needed to escape so I walk to the end of the cave and I made my wings appear once more to escape with the snow like my disguise.
Before going, I wanted to see her face one more time, I turn to look at her, she was looking at me with a sad song holding the blanket that I gave her. She looked so cute like that, but still I needed to go.

“It was nice meeting you Iris, but, unfortunately, I need to go, I hope we’ll meet again in another time, Goodbye.”

I disappear in the middle of the night; my only escape was to arrive to the closest city near the area so that they won’t recognize me with all the people there. The moon was in the middle of the sky, but still I could barely see something, I couldn’t use my fire to light my way because they would find me, but suddenly another light appear on land.

The city was now above me, I landed at the outskirts of the town. I start walking to the center of the city to found some place to stay tonight. The only place I could found was a bar that has 3 rooms at the top.

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