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Under the same sky

by XxlillyxX

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a piece of a longer writing project. You can view the entire project here: Under the same sky

The following is a piece of writing submitted by XxlillyxX on May 24, 2010


I enter to the bar, the man was sleeping in his desk, I took a small bag of gold coins from my jacket, I throw them to his desk making him woke up, I didn’t said a word to him, I continue walking to the rooms of the bar. I get the biggest one, even being the biggest was pretty small. This was so small that I could barely feel comfortable. I throw my jacket to the small desk that was there and I start sleeping.

I couldn’t dream at all, my thoughts were black, nothing happy, nothing sad, just balanced, but suddenly a shout made me woke up. I stand up and went to the entrance of the hotel. I start walking slowly, I wanted to sleep more, but the noise didn’t let me. I get pretty surprise when I saw who was making the noise. Iris was standing there and the owner of the bar was shouting to her.

“What’s going on here?” I said

I heard the answer of the owner, I smile then, Iris needed a place to stay but she didn’t have money. I didn’t know what to do, but suddenly an idea came to my mind like magic itself. What about she staying with me? But don’t misunderstood; I thought that like a friend not like anything else.

Iris was looking at me with surprise, I turn my face at her giving her a warm smile, but then I turn to look at the man with an emotionless face.

“Don’t worry about this girl, she’s staying with me, I gave you enough money for both”

Before he could answer me, I walked to Iris and grab her from her hand, in the moment I touch her cold skin I felt something different, something warm inside of me. She just follow me without saying a word, maybe because she was shy, or maybe just because she hasn’t get it yet. I guide her to my room, when she entered she look everywhere, and then she turn to look at me, her cheeks turn into a cute red, she start playing with her own fingers and then a short and quick thanks escaped from her lovely pink lips.

When I heard her voice I felt something strange inside of me again, like a slight and warm breeze.

“Don’t worry, it’s nothing. I’ll go for a walk; I’ll be right back soon”

I said leaving her in the room, I wanted her to feel comfortable, and she won’t feel 100% sure with me inside the room. I went out of the bar, the smell of alcohol was so strong there that made me feel a bit dizzy. I went out of the bar, in the moment I gave a step out of the bar the cold wind of a winter night freeze my body, the coldness get into my bones, I start shivering, smoke came out of my mouth with every breath.

The snow was covering again the valley; the moonlight was covering the small town. The town was in darkness, the only things that lit the streets where some sticks with fire that were in each house. As I walk through the streets I hug myself trying to catch a little of hit that was escaping from my body. My leather jacket was covering me from the coldness but still the cold wind found entrances to my body.

I needed some heat and fast, I raise my hands slowly in front of me, flames came out of my hands warming my body. The flames remained in my hands, I return to the bar to get a shower with hot water. Before entering to the bar, I shake my hands making the flames disappear in the cold wind. I open the door, no one was there now, everyone was sleeping at this time. I went to my room, I was expecting to find Iris sleeping in the bed covering her cold and fragile body with a blanket, but no one was inside of the room.

I thought that Iris go away while I was gone, so I throw my jacket to the bed and I walk to the bathroom. I was looking at the floor, I open the door and gave a few steps and then I raise my head looking at the bathroom, but I didn’t watch what I expected, Iris was nude, and she was in front of me! I didn’t know what to do, I paralyze, she got pretty surprise too, I close my eyes and turn as fast as I could.

I couldn’t believe what I just saw; her image came again and again to my mind. She said that I could turn around now, I turn slowly, and her cheeks were again red, what could I say to her now?

“I’m so sorry… I didn’t know that you where here… well I knew you were her but not here in the bathroom… I so sorry”

She turn to look at me and she smile, she just said that it was okay with a small laugh, I get out of the bathroom letting her dress up. I waited for her lying above the bed, finally she opened the door, she was using a small black dress, some warmers on her legs and white socks. I stood up and walk to the bathroom but first I stop in front of her.

“Sleep on the bed, I’ll find somewhere to sleep”

She just said yes with her head, I enter to the bathroom, I took a fast shower with really hot water, I dress up with a red shorts and a black T-shirt. I open the door and I saw Iris sleeping so peacefully in the bed. She was hugging the pillow with a smile in her face. I went to the small sofa that was in front the window; I lay there getting slowly fall asleep.

The time pass so fast, I was sleeping when I felt that someone was pulling my shirt sleeve. I
woke up slowly, I saw Iris then, she had tears in her eyes, and her face shows that she was pretty scared. Iris told me that she couldn’t sleep, that she was scared of something that happened in her dream.

“Don’t worry, come with me”

I grab Iris hand and I guide her again to the bed, I lay there without covering my body with the blanket, she cover her body and lay just beside me, I grab her from her shoulders and neck while she hug me. Iris fall asleep fast, but saying every minute the same thing “Someone help, they’re attacking us!” or “We need to go away!” strange phrases for dreams.

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