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Under the same sky

by XxlillyxX

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a piece of a longer writing project. You can view the entire project here: Under the same sky

The following is a piece of writing submitted by XxlillyxX on May 31, 2010

Iris 3

I was covering now my body with the brown and soft towel, he wasn’t sure about turning, but when he did, his cheeks were completely red and his hands were shivering. He looked so funny, and he didn’t saw with a bad intention, he said sorry like 5 times, he was so cute, I smiled to him, I was about to melt inside of me.

“It’s okay” I said smiling

He just smile and get out of the bathroom, I took a small dress that was there in the bathroom, I put it on quickly, I was still nervous, I open the door of the bathroom, I search for him, trying to find him, and then his image appear he was lying in the bed with his hands in his eyes. He turn to look at me, I felt how he looked at all my body, he stood up and walk to me, I start feeling butterflies in my stomach every time he give a step forward. He stops just in front of me, I was waiting anxiously for a phrase that will make me blush or smile, but instead a cold and serous phrase took its place.

He told me to sleep on the bed, that he would sleep somewhere else. I just said yes with my head, I felt disappointed, I would die right there to hear him say something nice, but he’s coldness return to him. He passed by my side without saying a word and enters to the bathroom closing the door. I walked to the bed; it was really big for me, I lay there grabbing the pillow. I put my head above it hugging it at the same time.

A small smile came out of my lips, sleeping on a bed felt really comfortable. I start relaxing my muscles, I cover my legs with a blanket, the dark night enters to the room making the dim light face in darkness. I close my eyes slowly waiting for myself to sleep, I grab a small rock that I always carry, it isn’t just an ordinary rock, it is cover with gold and silver, it was my parent’s most precious item. Before I needed to leave them, my mother gave it to me; she told me that it would help me prevent bad things.

I didn’t understand what she was saying; I think she gave it to me like an amulet for good luck. Reality fades away in my mind, but now another scene appear covering my happy dream.
<<I barely See Ryusen, mist was all around us, I run to him, trying to hug him, he turn and smile to me, but he was walking away from me, I run to him, but then I heard a sound, and then the smell of blood covered all the place. I start following the smell. Ryusen was on the floor bleeding, I cover my mouth in tears. Some one was there sitting beside him in her kneels. I approach to her, her hair was long and black, her skin pale, his hands cover with blood.

Suddenly she turned her head and looked at me, but the truth was that I was watching in that moment to myself. What was going on, I turn to look at my hands, now they were cover with blood, I turn to my side and Ryusen was there, he turn to look at me and said in whispers “why Iris? Why?” I stood up and cover my ears “I didn’t kill you! I DIDN’T!!” I didn’t kill Ryusen it was her, she killed him, but why she looked just like me!? What was going on!” >>

I woke up of a sudden, I turn to look searching for Ryusen, I saw him lying in the small sofa that was near the window, I stood up and approach to him, I didn’t know if he was death or alive, I pull his sleeve, he woke up slowly, one of my tears fall to his cheek, he turn to look at me asking me if I was okay. I couldn’t tell him that he die in one of my dreams.

“I’m…. I’m scare… Something happened in one of my dreams… please help me…”

He smiled to me and told me that I shouldn’t worry, that it was just a dream, he grab my hand and told me to follow him, where we were going? He guides me to the bed, I lay there again and cover my body with the same blanket, Ryusen lay there too, but without covering himself. I closed my eyes, Ryusen grab me from my shoulders and neck, I put my right arm above him chest. I sleep there again, but again something happened.

Once more my imagination fly away fading away from reality, but these time, I couldn’t see very well, the mist cover the images, just some parts were reveled, there was a small town, just like this one, I was there, also Ryusen, but the town was in fire, some monsters were attacking it, they looked like humans, but they had horns and their eyes were red, they were using long black capes, and the Ryusen took my hand and we began running out of the town to hide…. And suddenly the pictures became black….

I stood up, I was alone in the bed, and in the room. I took all of my things and dress up, No one was there, I look for Ryusen, but it was like if he disappeared. I went out of the room, no one was awake, the sky was gray and the sun hiding behind the clouds, I felt a touch on my shoulder and suddenly it pull my to the ground. I just heard someone telling me to hide. I turn to look who it was, Ryusen was behind some bushes hiding himself, but from what?

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