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Under the same sky

by XxlillyxX

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a piece of a longer writing project. You can view the entire project here: Under the same sky

The following is a piece of writing submitted by XxlillyxX on June 6, 2010

Ryusen 3

Iris was sleeping on my arms, she looked so peaceful, her black hair cover the pillow, I couldn’t sleep in all the night, I was so nervous being so close to her, every time she moved and touch my skin a warm sensation appeared on my body, I felt so strange, but then the night came to an end as fast as I started feeling the presence of those who were tracking me, why did my father send them? Why he can’t get the part that I want to live alone? But no, he wants to force me to stay with him in hell, and that won’t happen.

I live Iris in her bed, I took all of my things and dress up, the morning was about to appear, the blue sky could be seen behind the mountains making it’s entrance, the sun protecting the morning with his presence between the mountains. I hide behind some bushes trying to plan how to get out of there, the only way was to wait for them to leave, but it was useless, a demon can’t be fooled, they were coming closer, I would escape right now, but they would see me anyway. I heard someone open a door then, Iris walk in front of me, she didn’t saw me, I grab her and pull her to me, I catch her a cover her mouth, she try to shout but my hand didn’t let her.

“Shut up, it’s me”

I said in discretion, she turn to look at me, I release her, the only thing she said was that why we were hiding, I turn to look at the streets, bad news, they were already here, all of them were using the typical black cape with the demon’s symbol everywhere. Their horns on their head and red eyes, I push Iris head down to hide more.

“We’re hiding from them”

I grab her hand and start walking as quickly as I could to a small garage that was there, I needed to get out here, but how? This was a complicated situation, because I needed to take Iris with me other way they would kill her with the rest of the people. I close the door blocking it with some metal that was there. I search for an exit of that place, there was a small door closed with a lock, I used my flames to open the lock.

“Which are your powers Iris?” I said

She told me she could use lightning and mental powers and also fly, right now I couldn’t use her powers, I hit the door now opening it, I was about to grab Iris arm but she move and grab mine. She asked me why we needed to hide from them? Maybe I don’t have another option but to tell her.

“Because they are after me, they are my father’s guard, they are after me because my father wants me to return and rule by his side forever and that is something I won’t do.”
She release my arm and gave a step back, she told me then that I was the devil’s son, I could just say yes with me head, but I didn’t want her to be scared of me, I wasn’t bad, I want her to see me not like a devil’s son, but like a guy, just a guy.

“But please” I approach to her and grab her hand “Don’t be scared of me, I’m not bad, I would never hurt you, just look at me, look at me like a friend not like the devil’s son”

She smiled to me, but her face looked sad, I turn grabbing her hand and went out of the garage, the back part of the house was completely full of plants, and continue walking, but suddenly a barrier of fire appear in front of us. What was going on now?! Demons appear in front of us and others behind. I couldn’t escape anymore, the only way we could go was fighting, I release her hand, and push her behind of me.

“Please Iris; close your eyes until I tell you to open them”

I soft yes get out of her lips, I turn to look at her, she closed her eyes, I start then transforming into my real appearance, fire start covering my body, a pair of black demoniac wings appear on my back, my shirt torn into many pieces, in my arms appear some demoniac tattoos, my eyes turn red, 2 long horns appear on my head and also a pair of really sharpen fangs. Fire covers my hands, I start killing all of them using daggers, I could transform fire into metal, this was a gift given to the royal family of hell.

Every flame that I throw transform into any weapon made of metal that I wanted. Blood spatters in all direction, my body get covered with it. I finished now; I lick the blood that was in my hands, also on parts of my arms. I turn to look at Iris, she was sitting on the floor, even when her eyes were closed, there were tears on her face. Fire covers me again, I transform myself again into my human form, and I wasn’t using any shirt now.

“You may open your eyes now”

Iris opened her deep blue eyes, she turn to look everywhere, everyone was death, we were safe now, but instead of asking something, she just move her body toward me and hug me. My heart starts beating faster, she was crying, her tears were falling into my skin. I just hug her back, she told me she was so happy that nothing bad happened to me. I just smiled, but then I smelled blood coming out of her.

I turn to look at her waist side, she has a big wound there, and the bleeding wasn’t stopping. Iris noticed that I was looking at her wound, so she covered it with her hand. She only said that it was okay , that she was fine.

“No, your not fine, your bleeding, what happened?”

She didn’t looked at my face, but at least she told me, one of my daggers hurt her? How could I hurt her if I have completely control of my weapons, I never miss, I always hit the right spot. The reason wasn’t the big deal right now, the problem was that she was hurt and I needed to heal her soon.

“We need to find someplace to stay for now, I’ll think of something”

She repeat that she was fine, that I didn’t need to worry, but I didn’t answer this time, I made my wings appear, at the same time I carry her in my arms, I needed to find a place with water, the town where we were staying was completely destroy, so it wasn’t an option. I continue searching, I turn to look at Iris, she was still bleeding, but she didn’t said anything, the wound was pretty big, it should be hurting her, but she stay quit, like if she was keeping her pain for herself.

After some minutes I could see a small like in the middle of a forest. We were about get there, but when I turn to look at Iris to tell her we were almost there she wasn’t conscious, this was now a problem.

“Iris… Iris… wake up please… resist… we’re almost there.”

I said whispering, I start flying faster and faster, I landed in the shore of the lake. I lay her there; I raise her shirt to see the wound. Her skin was opened in many directions; each cut at different depths and each one more infected that then other. These cuts had not been caused by my daggers, but by one of the demons that were there. I clean her wounds with the water, cleaning all the blood.

Suddenly I watch something that really surprise me, her skin was healing by itself, it wasn’t like magic that heal in 5 seconds, this will take at least 5 days to heal 100%, but she was healing faster than a human, maybe because she was half fallen angel, I don’t really now, but she will be okay, that’s the important part.

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