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Under the same sky

by XxlillyxX

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a piece of a longer writing project. You can view the entire project here: Under the same sky

The following is a piece of writing submitted by XxlillyxX on June 23, 2010


I was on the ground lying in the floor above Ryusen, even that this scene seems so romantic, it was the opposite, he was covering my mouth with his hand and he was grabbing my arm too strong. What was going on, why were we hiding? I remove his hand from my mouth catching a long breath.

“Why are we hiding?”

He pushed my head down pointing those creatures, they weren’t human, but who were they? I continue looking at them, but Ryusen took my hand making me move, I start moving but my gaze was still on them. We stop in front of a small garage that was there, what were we doing here? We enter there, Ryusen start moving really fast, he block the door with metal, he didn’t stop, he was walking from one place to another, he stop looking at the back door that has a lock on it. He turn to look at me, he asked which powers I have, I didn’t know exactly some of my powers are unexpected, but the ones that could really have control on them were 3.

“I can use lightning, metal and use my wings to fly”

He thought for a second and once again he continue moving, he was about to grab my arm when I moved and grab his. I was confused and scared what was going on? Why was he so nervous?

“Ryusen, who are they? Why are we hiding?”

Ryusen turn his head, which was a bad signal that means something wasn’t alright. He turn slowly looking at me, he told me that those people were his father’s guard, and that they were after him because his father wants him to rule with him. I realize then, if he was a demon, and his father was the king, then his father was Satan, and he was his son. That scared me, I release his arm and gave a step back as fast as I could.

“you’re…you’re the d…devil’s son…” I said

He just say yes with his head, I turn my head, I was about to cover my mouth with my hand when he grabbed it. He told me not to be afraid of him, but to look at him like a friend. The word FRIEND rumble in my head, I force myself to smile even that I was sad, I didn’t want him to think about me just like a friend.

He turn still grabbing my hand, he opened the back door and start walking there, the road was full of plants, but suddenly a wall of fire appear in of us. I grab Ryusen now, I was scared, demons appear from all directions, Ryusen pushed me behind of him, he turn and told me to close my eyes until he told me to.


I close my eyes and sat down in the floor covering my eyes. I start feeling heat were Ryusen was, but the heat start moving away. I start hearing screams, I was supposed not to open my eyes, but it was to tempting that I opened them. I saw blood and dead bodies everywhere. I sat down in my knees looking for Ryusen.

A light blinded my eyes, Ryusen was all covered with fire, his eyes were completely red, he had a pair of horns, a demon tail and demon wings. He looked so scary, I couldn’t stop staring at him, I was in shock, but then I felt a throbbing pain throughout my body, blood start coming out from a wound that was on my right side in my waist.

I cover my wound with my hands, the pain was terrible, I close my eyes and lay on the ground. I felt like if someone was walking to me. Suddenly I heard Ryusen voice telling me that I could open my eyes now. I sat down and open my eyes. I turn looking at everyone, but all of them were death. I turn to look then at Ryusen, he was all cover with blood and without a shirt.

When I saw him like that, I couldn’t contain my tears anymore. I get so scared when I saw him like that, thirsty of blood and with bloody eyes. I stood up as fast as I could and I hug him with all of my strength. He get surprise with this, he hug me back after seconds. My tears was falling into his skin.

“Ryusen… I was so scared… I thought something may happen to you, I’m so happy nothing bad happened.”

Ryusen smiled to me without releasing me, but then his gaze turn into my wound, I notice when he looked at it, I didn’t want him to worry about this, even that it was deep, I didn’t want him to worry anymore. I cover it with my hand trying to pretend that I was okay.

“It’s nothing, I’m fine”

He reply telling me that I wasn’t okay, even that it was the truth I couldn’t let him get any worried. He ask me for an explanation, the only thing that I could remember was him throwing daggers and the pain, so I assume maybe my wound was cause by one of his daggers. I didn’t look at his face, it make me feel guilty.

“I can’t remember everything, but I think one of your daggers hurt me”

He get confuse with my answer, he didn’t believe me, he told me that we needed to find a place where we could stay. I didn’t want this to happen; now he was worried and that makes him kinda angry.

“I’m fine, really, I’m okay”

He didn’t answer; his silence was like daggers through my heart. His black wings appear, I turn away but then he carry me, I didn’t say anything, I wanted to shout, but I keep my pain and suffering for myself inside of me. My shirt was wet but with blood, the smell made me feel dizzy. After sometime the pain covers all my body, my eyes start closing. I just remember his voice telling me to resist….


I woke up in the shore of a lake, I didn’t knew where I was, it was night, my head hurt, I grab it with my hands standing up, I walk a few steps but then I fell.

“Where am I?” I asked to myself

I turn looking for Ryusen but he had disappear once again. I start walking through the forest, the mist was covering all the place, I couldn’t see anything, as the time passed I figured I was lost, the only thing I could do was to continue walking hoping to find and exit to that creepy place. After many time I could see a figure, a man figure.

I follow it until we arrive into a place were the mist completely disappear. I stay in the mist side, hiding myself. But then I realize that man I’ve been following was Ryusen. He said that why did she take him there. She? Who was “she”? I turn to look, there was sitting on a rock a beautiful woman, her hair was red and shiny, her eyes as blue as the nigh sky, her skin pail as the snow, her figure perfect.

But there was something strange on her, she had a tail, a demon tail, that mean she was one of them. I hear that she missed him too much, I didn’t understand half of the conversation, it was like if they were speaking in other language. But the only thing I could understand was when I saw them kissed. Some tears fall of my eyes to the ground. They were kissing each other with love. I gave a few steps back and then go away running.

I didn’t notice where I was going I just wanted to go. I fall down in the middle of the woods; I sat down in front of a tree crying. Waiting for the morning to arrive to go away, my wound started bleeding again when I ran away, the blood drops had left a pad, but I’m sure he won’t care, he would be to busy with her.

**//Girls are like apples, the best ones are at the top of the trees. The boys don't want to reach for the good ones because they are afraid of falling and getting hurt. Instead they just get the rotten apples that are on the floor that aren't as good, but easy, so the apples at the top think there's something wrong with them, when in reality, they're amazing. They just have to wait for the right boy to come along , the one who's brave enough to climb all the way to the top"
-Pete Wentz//**

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