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The following is a piece of writing submitted by BrightTalon on April 10, 2010
"Just popped in my head as I went along. Hope you like it. It's kinda short, but also new. Have fun : )"

Screams in the Darkness With No one to Save Them

I climb up the stairs to my bedroom and sigh. Why do we have such a BIG house?! Climbing a flight of stairs with almost 50 stairs is something no teenager enjoys. I continue climbing but then hear the doorbell ring. "Are you kidding me?!" I shout. Already half way done and I have to descend them.
I reach the bottom and run to the door, pulling it open with all the strength I can muster. But when I do open it, nothing is there. I walk outide into the snow, bare foot. I shiver. Winter sucks and ecspecially when there are at least ten inches outside. My teeth begin to chatter and I look around one last time before going back inside.
I reach for the handle when all of a sudden I hear a cough. I whip my body around to the yard, but still see nothing. I sigh and scold myself for freaking out. I walk inside and sit on the couch. I shiver and grab the TV remote control. Clicking the ON button, I think of why the doorbell would have rung and no one be there.
I kick the thought out of my head and flip through the channels. I rest on a game show and notice that it's just finishing. I curse under my breath and walk to the kitchen. Maybe food will get it off of my mind. I grab the bread and jelly out of the fridge, then go to the cupboard for the peanut butter. DING DONG. I hear the doorbell ring again and rush to the door.
I pull it open to see...No one there. I sigh and close it again. I run to the kitchen, thinking that someone must just be playing a prank on me. I start to make my sandwich, spreading the peanut butter across the first slice.
DING DONG. This time, it scares me so much, I jump into the air and cut myself with the knife. I curse under my breath again and stick my finger in my mouth to suck away the blood. I rush the the door, pull my finger out of my mouth, and pull it open, shouting, "Okay! Stop it right now! This isn't funny any more, you jerk. I-" I'm cut off by the sight of a knife in the hand of the person in front of me.
My heart skips a beat and I gasp.
"Do what I say and you won't get hurt." I hear the person say. Everything begins to grow a little black and I start to grow dizzy. The person looks at me like I'm crazy from under his hood. The dark shadow the hood cats over his faces makes it nearly impossible for me to see if I recognize him. "Stand up straight and follow me," he says. I stumble backwards at the voice. I know that voice.
"But...Luke...Why?" I say, a tear running down my cheek. He pulls his hood back and I see his cold face. Luke, my beloved neighbor, comes to my house with a knife? This doesn't sound like him.
The knife glints as the sun's rays hit it. He chuckles slightly and invites himself in. I stumble backwards and fall onto the ground. He grabs my arm and pulls me up. He pushes meonto the couch and disappears into the other room. I take my chance to escape and rush towards the door. I pull it open and start to run across the lawn. About half way across, I'm tackled. I struggle against the arms and hear a light voice whisper in my ear, "Follow me. I can save you." He spins me around to face him and I see an angelic face. A boy, about 15, looks at me, his crystal blue eyes sparkling.
He grabs my arm and starts pulling me towards the forest. I close my eyes as my feet lift off the ground. I gasp. I opened my eyes again to see me being cradled against the boy's chest. I close my eyes and snuggle up against him. "Give her back!" I hear the familiar voice, from before, say. My eyes fly open and I gasp when I see the young boy crying.
"What's wrong?" I whisper. The tears start flowing down his cheeks.
"I will not be able to save you, only myself," he whispers back. I give him a confused look as he falls to the ground. He vanishes into thin air and I'm left there, Luke coming closer and closer with the knife. The knife glints in the sunlight and I scream. He comes closer...And closer.

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