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The following is a piece of writing submitted by ScathachWarrior on April 27, 2010
"I hope you enjoy, I wrote this in about eight minutes and I really enjoyed writing it, however silly it may be."


I am obsolete. A useless item, forgotten by all. But I wasn't so, long, long ago. I was a car. Something that people used to get around from place to place. People loved me, people depended on me. But now? Never do they ever use me. They have "Hover Boards" now, they don't need me anymore. Which, frankly, sucks! I want to be used again! I want to be needed again! Do I deserve this? To be eforgotten forever? No, I rather think not. Not that would ever matter to anyone. Because no one knows me. No one knows who I am, or even WHAT I am! So, I am left here to rust, live the rest of my micanical life here, in the middle of a museum, which no one bothers to visit anymore. Doesn't matter, really, though. I am just a car. Nothing special. Oh, but if I were a Hover Board! I could be loved by others, enjoyed by others, even needed by others! But sadly, I'll never be a Hover Board. I'll always be a stupid, useless, never ever needed, car.

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