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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Highly Positive Witch on August 8, 2010

One long sentence

I like rain, magic, hamburgers, summer dust, tap water, hot asphalt, blond guys, wicked sense of humor, finita la tragedia, Imagine song, programmers, meaningful silence, silly games, swinging on swings, walking barefooted, the world as a huge canvas, soul searching, Mona Lisa,orange flames, the feeling of acute togetherness, happy smileys dancing inside your body, falcons, soft grass to bury your face into, the power of kind words, accidental solitude, long hair, Morticia Addams, semi-black jokes, inner triumphs, moonlighting, people who are tender like cream puffs, fiery moments, acrylic colors, African proverbs, Niagara Falls, Hitch-hikers' Guide to the Galaxy as the bedside book, «action between the sheets», boomerangs, squirrels, free kites, vanilla cream, metaphysical letters, dictionaries, ladybugs, kissing in the elevators, sparkling fountains, sitting on the desk dangling your feet, druids, fata morgana, Camelot legends, indigo color, French poetry, patient men (with capital P), puzzles, jolly tulips, goldfish,sundials and cuckoo clocks, flowery piggy banks, ornamental pashminas, crosswords, super-strings theory, never-ending analysis, tickling, singing lullabies, Star Wars, positive programming, panda bears and everything square-shaped and fluffy, sentimental episodes, hand-made miracles, getting the ungettable and stopping the unstoppable, now or never, all or nothing at all, the Milky Way and eternal transformation that happens around and all half-tones and shades of the world and creatures with the same hotchpotch in their heads...

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