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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Highly Positive Witch on August 9, 2010

Multicolored Hallelujah

Multicolored Hallelujah to the World

My message will be short : Thank you, Dear Beautiful World, for all those miracles that shine and fly and sing and live cheek-by jowl with us!

For :
Black swans and blue dahlias,
Silvery laughter and golden silence,
Flamingo-pink sunsets over industrial roofs and black furs of the rural nights,
Turquoise waters and funny yellow toucans,
White lies and red-hot love words,
Grey wistful fogs and triumphant blue skies on winter days,
Emerald springs and cherry red summers,
Psychedelic purple night dreams and honeydew morning hours ,
Orange-warm smiles and shamrock green pastures,
Chocolate-sweet love-making and lavender-scented mysteries,
Creamy unicorns in mystical forests of imagination and frivolously beige cappuccino,
Indigo-sad sorrows and bubbling lilac joys,
Lemony acacia blossoms and shocking pink fuchsia petals,
Light-blue melancholy and cheerful mint cream optimism,
Peachy expectations and giggling lime-green luck,
Auburn earth and harlequin leaves,
Madly electric euphoria and light chartreuse flirt,
Khaki troubles and stupid-but-sweet coral pleasures,
Sexy ebony cats and demure amethyst-colored fish
Men with big pomegranate hearts and women with long ivory legs,
People with rainbow aura


For the motley reality and so heavenly monochrome happiness.

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