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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Phil Vo on September 16, 2010

Your Own

Do you see whats growing around

you, look beyond what others have found

Look inside your mind and your heart

And you will discover your art

Whether it be clean or influenced

You will devote yourself to it

To get it the first or final time

Whether it be rough or refined

In the end you will find

It was worth all of your time

So look at the groundwork

And youll see that what you have found

Is beautiful, invincible, it could be so unpredictable

Or something so despicable

to another, but in your eyes

Its something you'll keep true through the lies

when you've lost who you are

After falling so far

Into what you've become

Into what you have done

Through all the regrets

And all of the effort

After paying your debts

Its the one thing that you've kept

Yourself, after nothing is left

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