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The following is a piece of writing submitted by bard on December 3, 2007
"I would normally be at work outside my home, but not today."

A Day Among Days

A delicious I long for and seldom enjoy...but today, I'm ordained to enjoy watching the miracle of fresh, frozen, crystalized patterns of ice --all uniquely individual--sift down through the Winter sky, while I leisurely whittle away at the entries on my Christmas "To Do" List. I'm snug and warm inside my home...there are Christmas movies playing on the daughter is here with me, and we're enjoying a favorite hot drink. Cocoa, of course...bespeaking our youth and vitality..., and you may gain no clue of my age thereby, for its accurate telling will never assist in explaining my revelry and celebration of the blessed season we are presently embracing. I'm so thankful for "the knowing" about the event of the incredible plan of redemption of God the Father. Today, it fills every tiny space of me. I wish it for you.

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