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The following is a piece of writing submitted by AlaskaEverfall on January 22, 2012
"You are my twin sister. I am no longer in the world. Don't be like me. Don't ever, ever be like me."

Fallen Death

When you die, there's nothing but brief silence.
Your entire life doesn't flash by your eyes; instead, your mind is completely blank. You feel like shouting your lungs out, but feel calm in the most dreadful way. You're about to die. There's nothing worse than death. But maybe you could've done a few things differently. Maybe you should've never told that girl on Facebook she should stop smiling because her braces were too flashy, or told that skinny boy he was fat. You simply laughed in a haunting way, and when your best friend started crying because you called her ugly, you looked at her with a disgusted expression.
"It was just a joke. Sheesh."
But your words weren't taken as a joke. Every single one of your words caused psychological damage. You will always be remembered, but not in a good way. People were laughing at your funeral; people were relieved. Some of the students even came up to your graveyard and began spitting, like you were nothing more than worthless soil. You could hear every spit; you could hear every cackling laughter. Your friends were so much happier without you.
And your boyfriend? She rushed to the rescue of your best friend, in her defence when you said she belonged in the drains. They're now together, smiling as they squeeze each other's hands. It looks like a terribly written romance movie, but you're the loser. Maybe that's why it's so terrible.
Now, everybody knows this has never happened to you; nobody would dare spit at your funeral, and you will have family members who care.
But don't end up like what you're heading towards. Don't be the girl people would rather see dead.
Don't be like me.

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