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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Brian Sloan on September 22, 2014

Silly Animal Poem

Of all the animals, small or big,
The most glorious of all is Pig.
He'll stand quite still, large and stout,
Or on His trotters, prance about.

The loudest animal in the house,
Is without a doubt the tiny Mouse.
It's not because of His quaint squeak,
But when espied, my wife's own shriek!

The laziest? Of course old Dog,
Who sits there napping, like a log.
When he was young He'd chase the ball,
But now He's wiser--just watches it fall.

The cutest couple is clearly Cow,
With his lovely spotted wife, Sow.
They stand around to moo and low,
And love to watch the grasses grow.

And of all the animals in the land,
My least favorite must be Man.
How He shirks the sun, fears the rain,
And considers Nature with disdain!

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