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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Brett G. Rudder on October 2, 2008
"I have always loved this story, so I wrote a cheesy rhyme for it."

Ali Baba and the Forty Gold Raiders

Ali Baba and the Forty Gold Raiders

In a town called Persia, far, far away
In time long before the time today
There dwelled a number of brothers,
There was one more than one

Cassim Baba was one, and rich was he,
He was so strongly addicted to money
Ali Baba was the other, and he was poor
He didn’t have much, and didn’t want more

Cutting down wood for a measly cent,
And going home to nothing, when the day was spent
That was the way Ali Baba lived
Though he had nothing, what he had he’d give

Cassim had no trouble, to himself he told,
But he always had a hunger for more riches and gold

Brothers though they were, Ali had no help
Cassim merely passed him off as scum, poor whelp
Ali didn't mind, he loved his wife,
And he always had a happy outlook on life

One sunny day, looking for wood,
Ali heard some galloping in the forest neighborhood
He climbed up a tree, quicker than a flash,
And forty gold raiders galloped past

The thieves dismounted, and bowed to the Chief raider Head
The captain walked up to a rock, "Open Sesame," he said
The rock swung open, to Ali's suprise,
And all forty gold raiders walked inside

Two hours later, the raiders walked out.
Ali was so happy he feared he would shout
The gold raiders left, to rob another town
When they were out of sight, Ali jumped down

Looking around, he approached the rock
From top to bottom, he looked for a lock
Finally satisfied, he cleared his throat
And shouted, "Open Sesame!" hoping against hope

He walked inside, and blinked in surprise
There were gold coins, and jewels of every size
He grabbed a few bags, and loaded his skinny donkeys
Then he rode off quick with his donkeys honking

Inside his home, he showed his wife
She was so pleased to live a rich life
She had to borrow a ruler from Cassim to measure gold
She told him she’d bring back, before he got old

Cassim, being so crafty,
put strong glue on the stick
And so, since he was so nasty,
He could find out what stuck to the stick

The stick came back, without harm
And Cassim looked at the bottom with alarm
A gold coin was there stuck to the wood
And if Cassim could get his share, he would

Making Ali tell him where he got the gold,
Cassim took off with donkeys two times tenfold
He got to the cave, and muttered the phrase,
Then stared for he'd never seen so much gold in all his days

Turning to leave the shining cave,
He found the door had shut on him!
He tried to remember the magic phrase,
But the mountainous gold had made his brain dim

He shouted in despair, then a terrible scream
The gold raiders were back, to kill Cassim.
He cowered, but for no use,
They cut him down and ripped him loose

Then, with fear that their gold was discovered,
They made sure that the whole town, they had covered
They found Ali Baba, and marked his door
But Ali's servant found the door and marked ten more

The Gold Raiders had a problem; Ali's home they could not find
There had to be some punishment; one poor raider lost his mind
The boss set up shop in the little town,
Soon after talking to many people, Ali could be found

The captain, in disguise, visited Ali's home of toil
And pretended he was a trader of Zaitoon Oil
He made his men hide in the oil buckets.
Their boss said that at dinnertime they would cause a ruckus

Ali's servant found out, and made some hot, hot oil
And poured it in to the buckets to boil
Each one of the raider's men died
And the servant put a knife in the boss' hide.

After inheriting Cassim's gold,
Ali Baba cleared the whole cave hold.
When the last coin of gold was shoveled out
The big door shut its mouth.

--Brett G. Rudder

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