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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Brett G. Rudder on October 1, 2008
"I wrote the poem based on the title, and the title is a line in "Beowulf""

As the Day Breaks and Keeps Brightening

As the day breaks and keeps brightening
It scares away all that was frightening
As you slept and as you dreamt.

The demons who invade your dreams
The hairy beasts who make you scream
The devil's fowls of foul intent.

As the light peers in your eyes
As the sun herself does rise
A warm relief is on your mind.

The moon has gone away to bed
And all them with her of the dead
Are gone in an instant with the shine

You survived the dead, you won the fight
The day is dawned, the dark is light
No more are the thunder and lightning

Get up and play, it's a pretty day
Get up and be on your merry way
As the day breaks and keeps brightening

--Brett G. Rudder

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