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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Brett G. Rudder on October 17, 2008
"I wrote this poem after reading John Milton's epic, Paraidse Lost...John Milton did not rhyme on purpose as a rule, because rhyming limits your word choice. However, I decide to use the simple words that fit, as oppose to the elevated vocabulary John Milton used...frankly, an overrated writer I believe. "


Grandfather is majestic
He stands tall, his leafy headdress
Touching the folds of the sky

Grandfather is time
He has seen all good things end
He has seen all wars begin

Grandfather is everchanging
His clothes change colors as slowly
As the seasons, from green to fire to bare

Grandfather is musical
The wind and he play a sad duo
And the feathered minstrels bring harmony

Grandfather is past
Present, and future as well
He bears sweet fruit of yesterday's tomorrow

Grandfather is mighty
But Grandfather's lifebringer is more
The great I Am was, and always will be

Even after Grandfather
Becomes the dust, blowing gayly
With his old friend, the wind

--Brett G. Rudder

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