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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Brett G. Rudder on October 24, 2008
"I didn't know how to write it...but after the first line the whole thing fit together"

When Billy Played

The piano called to William, and so
He came and played upon her ivory keys
Neglecting life’s important essentials, so
Engrossed was he in the music they made
Daylight came and night light left
But still Bill sat there, addicted to harmony
Soon a guitar joined, sweet, wooden, and soft
And the harmony grew louder with every measure
After many moons a flute was heard
Softly blowing like the whispering of the north wind
The silver shine reflecting the music notes flowing
In the air above dear William’s white head
The piano was to the ear a harmonic choir
The guitar sounded like a harp, softly sounding
Every golden string, and the flute outdid the wind
Her soft breath was a lover’s whisper in my ear
As William played, the birds awoke
Daylight came in through the window, and
Caused the silver flute to glow brightly with
The music and the harmony mixing to make a song
More beautiful than the heavenly mountains of Nepal

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